Our Culture

In the last 30 years (18 as LiveWorld, 12 at Apple), the LiveWorld team has acquired a deep knowledge in online community and social media through creating branded cultural models that allow people to express themselves, make friends, and get/give attention.

Similarly, our company has its own culture, Collaborative Velocity, which every employee brings to life while focusing on real partnership with our clients and following fundamental principles consistent with the dynamics of social media. We are proud to work in this model, which reflects LiveWorld key values.

A method of working together to ensure rapid decision-making and implementation, Collaborative Velocity is both an operational management style and the foundation of the LiveWorld corporate culture.

Its four principles are:

1. Contribution, not opinion: Everyone brings talent and perspective to the team. Everyone can make a contribution and across functions. We focus on high-velocity contribution without bureaucracy, with individual contribution to move us forward, but without debating opinions just for the sake of opinions.

2. Leadership accountability, not organizational authority: LiveWorld entrusts leadership of projects and programs to specific people, not necessarily due to organizational structure or authority, but because we’ve selected these individuals to lead a team on behalf of all of us and our clients.

3. Alignment, not agreement: At LiveWorld, having full agreement on what we’ll do is not completely necessary, nor does it take priority over keeping the decision-making process quick and efficient. What is necessary is having alignment on how to proceed, how to keep the ball moving down the field. We make decisions on this basis, and we don’t change them through back-channel or political maneuvering. We are also willing to change any decision at any time if that’s the best, but we make sure the team is aligned on doing so.

4. Trust, and giving each other  the benefit of the doubt: LiveWorld expects employees to give others the benefit of the doubt, trusting that individuals are well intentioned and doing the best for LiveWorld and clients — and that each team member will contribute, lead, and follow accordingly. Such trust is also based on our communications with one another being open, honest,and candid.

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