Adverse Events Management in Social Media

Pervasive monitoring of social properties to ensure compliance

Reduce risk by adopting the industry’s best system to review conversations at scale

LiveWorld’s Adverse Events Management solution enables the review, escalation and archiving of adverse events for full FDA compliance, providing marketers with worry-free compliance.

Social media can provide great benefits to marketers, but pharmaceutical companies must be vigilant to identify adverse drug reactions reporting mentioned in posts. To remain compliant with the FDA, it’s crucial to have the right social media processes and adverse event reporting system in place to fully manage any adverse events that your customers discuss and provide adverse events reporting.

Adverse Event Management from LiveWorld uses our recognized dual-monitoring process which seamlessly blends human review with our adverse events management software and conversation management software for the identification, routing and reporting of adverse events. With both eyes and technology watching out for your brand, your social media marketing has the peace of mind knowing your brand and products have 24/7 coverage for adverse events.

You can rely on Adverse Events Management to:

  • Provide lightning-fast identification of adverse events from off-label usage or unintended effects for assurance.
  • Route detailed and inclusive alerts of adverse events to cross-functional teams, like MedReg, legal or pharmacovigilance.
  • Collect full documentation of adverse events in conversations for uninterrupted, comprehensive adverse events reporting and compliance records.

With LiveWorld you’re able to use social marketing backed by proven processes which are vetted and recognized as best practices by some of the largest pharmaceutical brands in the world.

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