Analytics and Insights Services

Human touch creates real  insight out of data

LiveWorld’s listening and insight services apply quality human thinking to content identification and evaluation, tailoring the tools to a brand’s needs. In addition LiveWorld can provide automatic tagging for massive content, and provide human tagging at scale for prioritized content.

This combination of human listening and human insight ensures the tone, context, and true meaning of the content is revealed. Insight analysts set up, configure, and customize strategy to match each client, ensuring an analytics and reporting model that meets your specific needs.

LiveWorld social strategists utilize the information revealed through human tagging, scalable volume metrics, advanced analytics, and conversation analysis to evaluate user content and develop actionable recommendations.


  • Qualitative analysis that reveals actual customer thinking and makes actionable recommendations
  • Services to support in-house personnel with training, setup, support, and administration
  • Seamless integration with existing in-house resources, or clients can opt for a full-service solution from LiveWorld’s experienced team

Our Services

  • Setup, customization, training, support
  • Management, tagging, analysis
  • Listening and monitoring of the social web

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