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LiveWorld’s Latest Advancement in Social Media Software

liveworld post by: liveworld

Last week we released our new conversation management software for customer-obsessed brands. LiveWorld’s SaaS platform enables brands to manage customer conversations across social media and messaging apps in real time – thus enhancing social customer service and customer engagement. Not only will the software make your customers love you even more, it’ll make the entire conversation […]

Conversation Management Software Video Demo

LiveWorld is designed to manage customer conversations across social media and messaging apps — in real time — for customer service and engagement. As the world of social media expands to the age of messaging, brands are challenged now more than ever to be conversation-centric to deliver customer care and engage consumers. By combining the […]

Three Things You Need to Know About Facebook Reactions

post by: Mark Williams

Facebook recently released five new ways that people can interact with content beyond the traditional like, comment, and share buttons by introducing Reactions, which include: love, haha, wow, sad and angry. While there are many articles that describe how Facebook Reactions will affect social content marketing strategies, today we’re taking a peek at the nuts […]

Using Twitter’s Direct Messaging Deep Link to Deliver Better Social Customer Service

Valerie Sprague post by: Valerie Sprague

Twitter has emerged as a vital customer service platform. With the recent advent of Twitter’s new Direct Messaging Deep Link, brands can more easily deliver social customer service that delights their customers. Customers are increasingly drawn to the convenience and speed of dealing with issues online. They’re rejecting the convoluted phone menus and call center […]

Lands’ End Faces Two-Way Social Media Backlash: How To Avoid Social Customer Service Nightmares

Valerie Sprague post by: Valerie Sprague

Two recent decisions by catalog and online retailer Lands’ End have resulted in boycotts from customers with differing philosophies. In a recent catalog, the brand featured an interview with women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem, part of its Legends Series. Customers were also offered an opportunity to support the ERA Coalition’s Fund for Women’s Equality with the […]

Social Customer Service: The New 21st Century Marketing

liveworld post by: liveworld

Customers are demanding the same high level of customer service from brands on social media that they expect from traditional customer support channels. They want fast, personalized answers to their issues and requests. What’s a brand to do when faced with figures like these? 42% of consumers expect a response from companies on social media within […]

How to Drive Customer Acquisition with More Responsive Social Customer Experiences

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At LiveWorld we recently conducted some research on social customer experiences. Through our research we found that 74% of retailers don’t have a social media strategy to improve the customer experience, and that the same percentage don’t have a plan for influencing the buying process through conversations. Yep, 74%. That’s startling. The data from social media and conversations […]

In the Wake of the Paris Attacks: How Brands Can Prepare for a Crisis to Preserve Customer Experience

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Was your marketing team caught off-guard by the recent attacks in Paris? Brands must have assurance that inappropriate content and untimely previously scheduled marketing content is not published on social channels during a crisis. What’s more, brands should take the extra effort to be prepared to pivot when tragedies happen in order to maintain a good […]