Feb 18

Driving Engagement With A Mix Of Topics On Social Media

While social media isn’t exactly new, many brands still struggle with finding the best way to engage with their customers and followers. How do you find the right subject matter and topics to use on social media to provide engagement? And how do you avoid simply making announcements on social media, which may turn off […]

Feb 17

Best Seller TV: LiveWorld CEO & Founder Peter Friedman Play

Best Seller TV: LiveWorld CEO & Founder Peter Friedman

LiveWorld’s own CEO & Founder Peter Friedman was recently interviewed by Best Seller TV about his hit book, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook. In the interview about his book, Peter shares advice on how senior marketing leaders can utilize social media as a place in which to foster an environment where customers can talk to each […]

Feb 12

Put Up Or Shut Up. Are You Taking Advantage Of The Benefits Of Social Media?

Ask any brand marketer or social media manager about their top priority and they’ll likely say it is all about the dialog and relationships with their brand advocates and customers. But in reality, how many brands put that concept into real day-to-day practice? You don’t have to look far to see that many brands are […]

Dec 16

Be Social Effectively, and Cost Effectively Play

Be Social Effectively, and Cost Effectively

Social media has become a key part of the marketing mix, as important as advertising, public relations, agency relationships and lead generation. And like those tools at the marketing department’s disposal, brands and their procurement colleagues must find methods for how global brands can manage their social media at scale. Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO & […]

Dec 15

Brand Cultural Models For Effective Social Media

The connection between people online on social media is one of the most powerful connections that a brand can take part in with its fans, followers and customers. Sharing in conversations and having an actual social relationship with customers is a powerful way for brands to interact and engage it brand advocates. Brands need to […]

Dec 15

How To Craft A Cultural Model For Effective Social Media Play

How To Craft A Cultural Model For Effective Social Media

The power of conversation enables companies to build an audience and cultivate champions for your brand from your followers, fans and brand advocates. But, you can’t get there without a strategy. LiveWorld CEO and Co-Founder Peter Friedman recently took part in a thought-provoking webinar and roundtable discussion on this subject with other other social media […]