Feb 24

Mission: Scale Social Media Play

Mission: Scale Social Media

As a brand manager, you may be dealing with numerous pain points as you take on the massively increasing social input coming your way from customers. LiveWorld personnel and technology bring you the ability to scale your social media program…

Jul 22

It’s 3am. Who’s looking after your Facebook page? Play

It’s 3am. Who’s looking after your Facebook page?

Just because your brand team is sound asleep in the middle of night doesn’t mean your customers and Facebook fans are.

May 12

Post-moderation in online communities Play

Post-moderation in online communities

LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman explains why a structured approach to online community moderation helps ease the concerns of Legal departments at big-brand companies.  This conversation was recorded at the Social Communications and Healthcare event in New York City (LiveWorld was a sponsor) on May 11, 2010.