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Mar 12

How To Find ROI From Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered an emerging industry. Not every brand is using it as part of their marketing mix and as a result, there is still some skepticism to whether it can provide a return on investment (ROI) for brands. Because brands are using social media for business–and not altruistic–reasons, it’s important be able to […]

Feb 18

Driving Engagement With A Mix Of Topics On Social Media

While social media isn’t exactly new, many brands still struggle with finding the best way to engage with their customers and followers. How do you find the right subject matter and topics to use on social media to provide engagement? And how do you avoid simply making announcements on social media, which may turn off […]

Feb 12

Put Up Or Shut Up. Are You Taking Advantage Of The Benefits Of Social Media?

Ask any brand marketer or social media manager about their top priority and they’ll likely say it is all about the dialog and relationships with their brand advocates and customers. But in reality, how many brands put that concept into real day-to-day practice? You don’t have to look far to see that many brands are […]

Jan 27

Turning Browsing Into Shopping On Pinterest

Launched only four years ago, Pinterest is already the #1 ecommerce traffic driver. And with more than 70 million registered users, rapid growth and the launch of new business features, it has become a highly attractive channel for business that deserves full consideration to be a part, even a big part, of social media plans. […]

Dec 04

Twitter’s New Abuse and Harassment Tools

A visible, active presence on a massive social media platform like Twitter has its joys and perils. On one hand, brands have a golden opportunity to listen to and engage with customers “where they live,” but on the other, like celebrities and individuals who’ve found themselves in the middle of hot-button issues, brands can also […]

Nov 10

Scaling Social Media Programs and Maximizing Value Is Easier Than You Think

To paraphrase the late Notorious B.I.G. song, sometimes having more brands can mean more problems, particularly for procurement managers at Fortune 500 companies who need to scale social media programs while still maximizing their value. Redundancy and overwhelmed in-house employees clash with managing user-generated content and protecting the brand. Meanwhile, smaller brands are left to […]