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Apr 12

Thou Bleeding Heart – Brand Response to the OpenSSL Security Bug

With the widespread media coverage of the Internet security bug known as the Heartbleed bug, people are understandably anxious to know how exposed they are and what they can do to protect themselves. Brands are also understandably nervous to talk about security vulnerabilities in social channels for fear of stoking more anxiety among customers — [...]

Mar 31

Brand Reputation: Be in a League of Your Own

In A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks exclaims, “There’s no crying in baseball!” This sentiment has been representative of the business culture for decades. In many businesses, employees have been reduced to numbers on a spreadsheet, and decisions are based on the almighty bottom-line. There has been no room for the human experience — [...]

Mar 29

Drilling down to the story

Stephen Candelmo of Synapsify was struck by our CEO, Peter Friedman’s recent interview with Mashable, and wrote about the stories that can be found by brands in social media. As a result of Peter’s interview, Stephen writes about how a brand, with experienced analysis, can uncover themes that appear in the stories their customers are [...]

Mar 26

Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who’s Responsible for What?

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, was recently interviewed for an article on Social Media, PR and Marketing and the changing responsibilities in these roles. Peter explains in the article how all the roles related to social at a company are important, he equates the “marketing mix” to a party. “Think of advertising as the invitations, PR [...]

Mar 20

The Language of Social Media – Moderating versus Monitoring: An Important Distinction

In the ever-evolving world of online communications, new words and phrases are frequently created. If you’re going to thrive as part of this world, then you need to understand the language. The purpose of this article is to provide you with better insight on some terminology of social media and give you the knowledge you [...]

Mar 19

Six Tips to Get Your Customers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table

Employees and even executives sometimes start to think about their customers with an “us vs. them” mentality, particularly in times of stress—during, say, the busy holiday season or when a customer has a complaint. That’s a dangerous mindset, especially if it becomes habitual. Competitive advantage these days demands customer-centricity. The more customers your organizations can [...]