Content Moderation Solution

Content_Moderation_1Human moderation empowers brand protection and customer experience

Users upload billions of pieces of content every month across social channels.

At any time there might be a customer inquiry to respond to, a good comment to leverage, a bad comment to mitigate, or an ugly social media crisis to manage—but finding, tracking, and prioritizing issues is daunting. Providing moderation is challenging due to sheer volume, multiple pages, round-the-clock coverage needs, or the juggling of numerous languages.

LiveWorld Differences

1) Enterprise platform enabling high speed, scalable, human-quality review

2) Integrated system workflow across multiple social properties

3) Global with 70 country-language combinations

The LiveWorld content moderation solution protects the brand and creates a positive environment for customers.

Our social media moderation teams provide a trained team of human moderators to accept, reject, and escalate content in context, at an affordable cost.

The LiveWorld moderation team creates an integrated workflow to cover thousands of pages simultaneously and to enable up to 1,500 actions/ per hour per moderator (800 typical).


  • Protects the brand by ensuring a good customer experience, adherence to guidelines, and the rapid management of inappropriate content and behavior on the social property
  • Escalates user content issues, customer needs, complaints and questions, and relevant information to the right people in the company for management and insight
  • Provides listening and early detection of possible brand problems brewing


  • Moderation plans & guidelines
  • Moderator selection & training
  • Hourly content moderation
  • Moderation management
  • Global moderation program model
  • Highlights and custom reporting

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