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Mark Williams, Director, Community Programming

Mark Williams is Director, Community Programming at LiveWorld, where he is responsible for developing social network marketing strategies for Fortune 1000 companies. He also leads a team of community program managers, implementing a wide range of social media products and services on behalf of our clients.

Mark likes to mix his metaphors and will claim that what he really does is pilot his clients to the 30,000-foot view of social media, navigate the treacherous waters of developing strategy with them, and then guide them safely through the pitfalls and jungles of day-to-day operations. He would be the Indiana Jones of social media if he could only handle a whip (he already has a cool hat!).

Mark has been in the business of marketing with social media since 1999 and is proud of his work developing communities for major brands like Johnson & Johnson, MSN, the NBA, HBO, QVC, Kraft Foods, TJ Maxx, Scientific American and VH1 among others. He has also developed social media campaigns with well-known ad agencies like Ogilvy, Digitas and Mindshare, and has worked in a variety of market verticals such as pharma, sports, entertainment, retail, packaged goods, education, small business and nonprofit.

Mark can be found on Twitter as @MarkWilliams, and he also blogs at The Social Net.

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