Our Solutions

LiveWorld believes in the transformative power of online dialogue and relationship

Everything we do starts here. Traditional advertising, digital, and PR marketing push broadcast messages at customers. We reject that. We concentrate on creating a brand experience for your customers in the context of social media through dialogue and relationships.

LiveWorld social media solutions allow the world’s biggest companies to engage their clients in a way that’s social, personal, and direct, yet affordable and sustainable at a large scale. By providing technology and services, LiveWorld delivers a full range of social media solutions.

Our trained listening teams, moderation teams and social strategists, seamlessly supported by our software, deliver listening services, higher customer engagement, stronger brand protection, and actionable insight.

Our technology empowers people to moderate and respond to user comments, and analyze data in context with human intelligence and sensitivity. It creates efficiency and removes process friction to achieve a high level of human attention, cost-effectively at scale.

We emphasize solutions that support business goals and deliver actionable insight.

Relationship Marketing Customer Support Market Learning

Our social content marketing solutions manage social media through a unique combination of human services and technology to achieve the following business goals:

  • Relationship marketing: Customer engagement to protect and enhance the brand’s social presence, building loyalty and relationships for awareness, education, and sales
  • Customer support: Service and support to increase customer satisfaction while reducing support costs
  • Market learning: Actionable insights that tell you what customers think, and offer recommendations on what you can do to improve social media programs, overall marketing, products, and business practices

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Connect with us to discuss how you can transform your business using the power of dialogue and relationships. Reach us at 800-301-9507, at hello@liveworld.com, or here.