Content Moderation

LiveMod Application Feature List Summary

  • Up to 1,000 posts/hr/moderator on Facebook Wall; 2x-5x faster than others
  • Insight Tagging
  • Brand response selection and posting
  • Automatic location of new posts
  • Support for multiple moderators at same time
  • Moderator start, stop, left-off tracking
  • Content selection by state, type, date range, author ID, IP address, abuse reporter, local, custom name value pair
  • Optimized interfaces for text, photo, video, audio
  • Marks comments pending for escalation by category (PR, legal, product, etc.) and with email notification.
  • Allows customized rejection reasons
  • Access privilege controls
  • Multi-site/page support
  • Multi-platform: Facebook, websites, community sites
  • Metrics: posts reviewed, accepted, rejected, reasons rejected; weekly and monthly moderation reports

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Our LiveMod Application integrates with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Jive, LiveWorld applications, and a brand’s custom sites and applications.

The system automatically scans for and queues up new posts from the social channels. On Facebook, the system’s automatic finding of new posts improves the speed and efficiency of moderators, allowing for faster turnaround time and easier ramp.





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