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Three Things You Need to Know About Facebook Reactions

post by: Mark Williams

Facebook recently released five new ways that people can interact with content beyond the traditional like, comment, and share buttons by introducing Reactions, which include: love, haha, wow, sad and angry. While there are many articles that describe how Facebook Reactions will affect social content marketing strategies, today we’re taking a peek at the nuts […]

Get Your Customer Service Team Ready: Business for Messenger is Coming to Facebook

Facebook Messenger Logo
post by: Mark Williams

Customer service managers, did you know that you’re about to get hit with customer service complaints about your company via Facebook Messenger? “What’s that?” you say. “We’re not even on Facebook Messenger. We have a Facebook page but we don’t have a Messenger account!” Well, yeah, you will soon. In just a few short weeks. […]

Make your Facebook marketing more effective by creating the right mix of organic posts and paid posts

Facebook logo
Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Facebook is changing its algorithms again, altering what content users see from brands. Although the organic reach of Facebook posts has declined significantly from the peak levels back in 2013, this is mostly just for product-centric promotional posts. Your posts can still reach a sizable audience, especially if they are written with strong social content. […]

How a Pharmaceutical Company Gained 107,000 Facebook Likes in One Month

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

When animal pharmaceutical company Zoetis spun off as a separate company from Pfizer Animal Health, it needed to establish brand equity and recognition, and do so quickly.  Turning to Facebook, and with the help of LiveWorld, Zoetis set up company-wide rules for social media through a customer-focused strategy and was able to cultivate 107,000 Facebook […]

Facebook Paper App: Overview and What it Means for Social Brand Marketers

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Summary With the new Facebook Paper app, you could say Facebook is doing what LiveWorld has been doing all along these past 19 years: Using the human touch, scaled by technology. Available February 3, 2014 on the Apple iPhone solely, Paper is the latest mobile social experience offering from Facebook. According to Facebook, Paper is […]

Facebook Launches Trending: Social Marketing Meets Real-Time

post by: Mark Williams

Facebook is rolling out a new Trending feature that shows users the most popular topics being discussed on the social network. Unlike Twitter’s trending feature, the Facebook version will show the user hot topics tailored to their individual interests, as well as the most popular topics on Facebook overall. Most users in the United States […]

To abuse or not to abuse your power on Facebook? Social PR pros weigh in – Inside Facebook

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Recently, the CEO of a social media firm ranted publicly about a brand we all know, calling their reps liars on his blog and in social channels. Neither the name of the CEO nor the name of the brand is important here. What matters is if or when he should do this, using his prominence […]

The High Value Of Facebook, Engagement Brand Building

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

This blog post is an extract from the Huffington Post’s article “A Different View: Why Facebook Is Worth More & Wall Street Is Wrong“ written by Peter Friedman Facebook is bringing new and greater value for consumers and marketers through innovative models of engagement brand building.  Critics, ranging from the advertising to tech to Wall […]

Yes AdAge, Facebook should sell relationships because true social is about relationships

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Last week I read a compelling article, one that actually speaks to the true underlying fundamentals of social media, about which much of our industry remains surprisingly unaware. While the follow-up comments on this piece have some merit, it seems to me they are missing Ben’s fundamental point and the fundamentals of social that distinguish it as […]