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Chief Community Officer and Executive Vice President, Jenna Woodul, talks all things Community with Community Signal

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We use online communities everyday. You may even be logged into Facebook or Twitter interacting with friends right now. But, did you know Facebook wasn’t even a thought when online community began? They began over 30 years ago with Apple and our Chief Community Officer and Executive Vice President, Jenna Woodul, was at the start […]

Outsourcing Community Management: Is It Out or In?

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It’s interesting to read Arik Hanson’s take on the Social Fresh Community Manager Report. He identifies 5 trends, based on the Social Fresh data, noting that “more brands are understanding they shouldn’t outsource community management.” Here’s another point of view: It’s critical that community managers have a deep understanding of the business they represent, are able to interpret […]

Should we close our website community in favor of Facebook?

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Sometimes people talk about being on Facebook like it’s the great new thing — and traditional community forums are the boring old thing. They question the value of the traditional central website community in light of the prominence of Facebook on the social media landscape. Let’s stop and think about it: The question isn’t as simple as “should we […]

The good side of relationship trouble online

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Everyone talks about the importance of relationships with fans and customers, and there’s no doubt that it’s important to be ready for big trouble — bad trouble. But as in any relationship, not every kind of trouble can be termed a crisis. Things come up that cause smaller trouble — good trouble, if you like, because it comes from misunderstanding, misinformation, hurt […]

Connecting to your Facebook fans on nights and weekends

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Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson If your brand only publishes Facebook Wall posts during traditional business hours, you’re missing out on additional opportunities to connect with your fans. Here’s why: * Just because you are offline at night or on weekends doesn’t mean your fans are, too. In fact, they could be spending more time on Facebook during non-business hours. In […]

Curation helps brands make sense of the social media onslaught

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If you’re focused on managing a brand, you’re faced with overwhelming waves of data advancing on you from and about your customers, prospects, critics, and competitors. No doubt your listening applications fill up quickly with the 24-hour spidering of posts, and associated charts categorize them as negative, positive, and neutral. While automation makes it possible […]

Who's minding your brand's Facebook Page at 3am?

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Just because your brand team is sound asleep in the middle of night doesn’t mean your customers and Facebook fans are. And if they regularly visit your Page with questions, complaints, or customer-services issue that simply can’t wait until morning to be addressed, good business would dictate having someone available to monitor incoming content and then […]

CMAD: A salute to community managers

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In its second year, today’s Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) was started to thank those folks who work on behalf of customers, trying to improve their online experience, represent the community to brand management, and speak for brands to the community. Community Managers spend their time making online environments feel comfortable, initiating and supporting customs that create […]

LiveWorld strategic community management

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Even though community management is increasingly understood as key to a social media strategy, the services it includes can vary. Some of our customers have an in-house community manager, and what they need from LiveWorld is support around best practices. Others look to us to take on the full-time role of managing the community, including […]

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