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Pharma Marketers, Start Working With Messaging Apps Now

Pharma Marketers and Messaging Apps
liveworld post by: liveworld

There’s a shift going on in social media right now, a shift back towards more conversational engagement with customers and patients across all social channels, and messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger are the driver. This is great for pharmaceutical companies and pharma marketers. Pharma marketers have the advantage of experience in 1on1 conversations with patients. […]

Improve Patient Engagement in Social Media for Pharmaceuticals


The history of pharmaceuticals & social media is about improving patient engagement, remarkable experiences and conversations  Social media represents a huge opportunity for pharmaceutical marketers to improve patient engagement. By creating a variety of disease-state and healthcare communities, they can nurture direct conversations between customers, patients, and their brand. While this can lead to increased […]

Patients Are Trying To Engage With You On Social Media. Are You Ready?

Peter Friedman, CEO LiveWorld
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It’s time for pharma and healthcare companies to engage with their patients on social media. Because smartphones are the center of the customer and patient experience, patients expect 1-on-1 direct dialogue. Patient engagement is now more important than ever before.   These conversations can directly contribute to the patient journey and the overall patient experience. […]

How a Pharmaceutical Company Gained 107,000 Facebook Likes in One Month

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When animal pharmaceutical company Zoetis spun off as a separate company from Pfizer Animal Health, it needed to establish brand equity and recognition, and do so quickly.  Turning to Facebook, and with the help of LiveWorld, Zoetis set up company-wide rules for social media through a customer-focused strategy and was able to cultivate 107,000 Facebook […]

How to Scale Social and Maintain Customer Engagement in Regulated Industries

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Social media marketing for companies in regulated industries poses special challenges—challenges such companies can, and should, face if they wish to remain competitive. The ability to engage deeply with customers in social will increasingly define the world’s best-of-class products and companies. Drawing on our experience at LiveWorld, working with major brands in the pharmaceutical and […]

Social Media Safeguards for Healthcare and Regulated Industries

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Social media has tremendous power as a tool for effective, affordable marketing and customer service — and yet many companies in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, avoid engaging it for fear of the legal and regulatory challenges it introduces. As the CEO of a company that works with major brands in the regulated pharmaceutical […]

Legal & Marketing Panel Wrap-up

Gregg Turek post by: Gregg Turek

Earlier this week, LiveWorld held its first social media lunch and learn event in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Modeled from the success of a similar event at Social Media Week 2013, the event brought together an intimate group of like-minded marketing professionals for a case study presentation and panel discussion over lunch. Zoetis kicked off the […]

Jay Bryant to Pixels & Pills: Pharma brand marketing on Facebook is a manageable risk

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Following a discussion that he led at the BDI Social Communications & Healthcare 2011 roundtables last week, our LiveWorld Sales VP, Jay Bryant, checks in with Pixels & Pills’ Sarah for a conversation about social media’s impact on the pharmaceutical industry. In the interview, Jay addresses the concern that many pharma brands raise as they participate in social […]

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