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Instagram for Customer Service, Marketing and Business

Instagram social customer service LiveWorld
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Now you can leverage Instagram for Customer Service Social media is nothing new for organizations wanting to engage with customers for sales, marketing and customer service, but until recently, Instagram was limited in its capacity. It’s inability to scale left it out of the mix. With Instagram’s API update, organizations have a new channel they […]

Facebook Comment Moderation with LiveWorld Software

Facebook Comments Social Plugin- LiveWorld
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Moderate Facebook Comments and Enhance User Engagement To allow comments or not to allow comments? Organizations in virtually every industry grapple with this question. Brands crave customer engagement, but active consumer involvement can be a double-edge sword. For every helpful or inquisitive comment, there are likely an equal amount of spiteful, rude and even inappropriate […]

Boost Customer Engagement with Images and Videos in Social Media Comments

images video for social media comments LiveWorld
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Rich Media in Social Media Moderation Tools Much of the success of social media has been its ability go beyond words and present rich media content to viewers. The number of photos and videos posted to social media sites across the board is staggering. It’s not only consumers who are posting rich content. Smart brands […]