Author: Mark Williams

Influencer Marketing on Facebook May Have Changed – Only to Get Even Stronger

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post by: Mark Williams

Facebook just added new capabilities for brands to boost posts by influencers and some see this as the beginning of the end of influencer marketing as we know it. At LiveWorld, we disagree. To recap, Facebook announced capabilities that help marketers amplify branded content and control their campaigns with creators. It’s now easier for brands […]

Three Things You Need to Know About Facebook Reactions

post by: Mark Williams

Facebook recently released five new ways that people can interact with content beyond the traditional like, comment, and share buttons by introducing Reactions, which include: love, haha, wow, sad and angry. While there are many articles that describe how Facebook Reactions will affect social content marketing strategies, today we’re taking a peek at the nuts […]

Get Your Customer Service Team Ready: Business for Messenger is Coming to Facebook

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post by: Mark Williams

Customer service managers, did you know that you’re about to get hit with customer service complaints about your company via Facebook Messenger? “What’s that?” you say. “We’re not even on Facebook Messenger. We have a Facebook page but we don’t have a Messenger account!” Well, yeah, you will soon. In just a few short weeks. […]

To Maximize Social ROI, Think Like A Pirate

post by: Mark Williams

Does it seem like you’re spending a lot of time trying to create compelling, engaging content, but still struggling to come up with a social ROI? If you answered “yes,” you’re like many brands that we see across many industries. At SXSW 2014, I led a customer-insights workshop that offered a readily achievable path to social […]

Facebook Launches Trending: Social Marketing Meets Real-Time

post by: Mark Williams

Facebook is rolling out a new Trending feature that shows users the most popular topics being discussed on the social network. Unlike Twitter’s trending feature, the Facebook version will show the user hot topics tailored to their individual interests, as well as the most popular topics on Facebook overall. Most users in the United States […]

SXSW Sneak Peek – Social Media Engagement: It’s Time To Evolve

post by: Mark Williams

Does This Sound Familiar? If you’re a social media marketer, you probably spend a lot of time trying to create engaging content and might suspect you’re wasting time and money and you could be doing better. You write Facebook status updates asking people to “like” one thing or “comment” on another. You post photos of […]

Is Your Social Media Rescue Team Prepared?

post by: Mark Williams

Picture this: It’s Friday. You’re on the social media team at work and you’ve sat through five days of meetings, read hundreds of emails, spent countless hours engaging online, had more tasks assigned than you could possibly handle, and worked late a couple of nights to make your deadlines. The end of the day is […]

The Facebook approach to location

post by: Mark Williams

Facebook has announced a sweeping set of sharing and privacy changes for users, including a “phasing out” of its check-in based structure for Places. While dwarfed by the news of Steve Jobs departure from Apple, these changes have many pundits declaring defeat for Facebook and a triumph for Foursquare in the field of location-based services. I disagree. I think Facebook is […]

Grade your Facebook Page with our Social Scorecard

post by: Mark Williams

Now that marketers everywhere have hopped on the social media marketing bandwagon, the next big wave of discussions and advancement across the industry will focus on measurement, analytics, and insight. Call Phase One officially over; the paradigm shift has occurred. No one is asking “should I be doing social media marketing?” anymore. The big question in […]