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Using Twitter’s Direct Messaging Deep Link to Deliver Better Social Customer Service

Twitter Social Customer Service
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Twitter has emerged as a vital customer service platform. With the recent advent of Twitter’s new Direct Messaging Deep Link, brands can more easily deliver social customer service that delights their customers. Customers are increasingly drawn to the convenience and speed of dealing with issues online. They’re rejecting the convoluted phone menus and call center […]

Lands’ End Faces Two-Way Social Media Backlash: How To Avoid Social Customer Service Nightmares

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Two recent decisions by catalog and online retailer Lands’ End have resulted in boycotts from customers with differing philosophies. In a recent catalog, the brand featured an interview with women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem, part of its Legends Series. Customers were also offered an opportunity to support the ERA Coalition’s Fund for Women’s Equality with the […]

Twitter Profile Layout Redesign: Overview and what it means for Social Brand Marketers

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“I don’t like it…it looks like Facebook.” That’s the reaction from many users now that Twitter has turned on its new layout for everyone, including branded accounts. If you look at the accounts you follow (or your own, if you haven’t yet optimized your layout) you’ll see that many profile pages look…a bit odd. Not […]

Why does my brand need moderation for Twitter?

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Twitter is a strange beast. (Sorry, Twitter, that’s not an insult, I promise.) A global social phenomenon that has grown exponentially, (218m active users sending 9,100 tweets per second), nearly every brand has a Twitter presence, whether it’s there to broadcast information and updates, drive sales, serve as an alternate customer service channel, or engage […]

Can One Angry Tweet Destroy Your Brand?

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All it takes is one hot product, one great ad campaign, one media mishap, or focused attention from a top tweeter, and your Facebook page or forum could be bombarded with comments tomorrow. Are you ready to deal with the deluge? The influx — if it’s positive — might be welcome, but people who reach […]

The Six Holiday Commandments for Exceptional Customer Service

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“Bah, humbug!” No, that’s too strong ‘Cause it is my favorite holiday But all this year’s been a busy blur Don’t think I have the energy – The Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping For brands large and small, customer service conducted online and via social media is crucial, and this time of year, it’s an even bigger […]

Right Place, Wrong Time: Avoiding Prescheduling Pitfalls

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Do you schedule and publish your social media content on Facebook or Twitter using tools like Buddy Media and Hootsuite? If you’re managing a content calendar that includes 50 or more posts per month and spans across social channels, publishing tools make good sense and ensure consistency in post quality. But these tools come with […]

The benefits of anonymity online

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“I like being famous when it’s convenient for me and completely anonymous when it’s not.” – Catherine Deneuve The recent launch of Google+ has brought discussions about privacy and personae back to the table for online communities of all kinds. It’s something some social media mavens and developers seem to have failed to consider recently, […]