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Creating social media experiences people love.

This global retail leader has more than 4,000 local store Facebook pages in the U.S., in addition to its corporate page and presence in other social channels. The retailer wanted to scale its social media program to reach tens of millions of customers and address hundreds of thousands of user-generated comments per month. The marketers at this company also needed to protect the brand, build customer loyalty, drive traffic to stores and web sites, manage customer service, and gain insight. The company relied on LiveWorld to cost-effectively oversee this massive social presence with quality and scaled moderation services, along with high-impact engagement services.


The world’s largest retailer and the #1 Facebook brand in the U.S. wanted to engage its customers through marketing and customer service programs that could increase retention and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, the retailer wanted to remove hostile comments, spam, profanity and inappropriate content for its family audience, allowing brand representatives to more quickly detect threats and create a safer environment for customers to interact with each other and the brand. With an individual Facebook page for each local store requiring around-the-clock coverage, The company’s social presence required massive scale to review and respond to customer comments all with a human compassion. It also wanted to find a way to connect and engage with customers through social media.


As part of our Engagement Services, LiveWorld developed and deployed content to promote products and uncover insights for marketers. During the Christmas holiday season, we sought out unbranded conversations on Twitter about products such as TVs or cell phones. Then, we engaged those customers via the company’s holiday campaign Twitter username. We offered them guidance on how to purchase something via the ecommerce website. (“Heard you’re looking to buy Dad a new TV. Have you thought about the Lenovo XYZ? You can buy it online here!”)

In addition, our team of moderators reviewed hundreds of thousands of pieces of English and Spanish content on the company’s 4,000+ Facebook pages each month. LiveWorld’s software makes it possible to efficiently, effectively monitor and act (approve, reject, escalate) on these thousands of comments across Facebook pages and other social channels. We combined this software with our expert moderation team to ensure the retailer is able to oversee and respond to its customers with 1-on-1 personalized conversations at this enormous scale. We also delivered insights and recommendations to improve problems in our frequent reports on customer activity and conversations.

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LiveWorld reviewed and managed hundreds of thousands of comments per month for this global retailer. Over the holidays, that rose to 800,000 per month – with as many as 60,000+ during a 24-hour Black Friday period (that’s 42 per minute). Each social media comment was reviewed and acted on by humans using LiveWorld software. The holiday program also received critical success, including numerous re-tweets and mentions on blogs.

  • Manages up to 500,000 comments/month
  • Manages over 800,000 comments/month over the holidays