Community Management, Patient Support & Engagement

Developing and fostering successful communities

Create relationships and remarkable experiences with connections and conversations

LiveWorld Community Management, Patient Support & Engagement solutions offer pharma marketers an easy way to establish public or private communities that deliver patient support, advocacy and education while cultivating an ideal platform to receive direct feedback from patients.

Great outcomes can result when pharmaceutical brands take the initiative to go beyond product innovation to promote patient engagement. Through supportive communities that provide disease-state awareness, regimen education, and compassionate encouragement, pharma brands can build relationships, drive loyalty and enhance awareness among patients.

LiveWorld Community Management Services allows pharmaceutical companies to custom create patient or disease-state communities that inspire conversations at multiple stages of the patient journey.

LiveWorld Community Management, Patient Support & Engagement solutions enable you to:

  • Respond to patients with compassion, disease-state awareness and empathy and encouragement with 1-on-1, personal conversations.
  • Provide peer support, guidance and advice at all stages of the patient journey by connecting patients with people like them, and health care providers in educational and supportive communities.
  • Free up your marketing team from community response, with 24/7 LiveWorld agents trained according to your strict guidelines for compliance and marketing objectives.

LiveWorld-developed patient communities are dynamic and responsive social presences. We make it easier for patients to find information and develop relationships with fellow patients/survivors while engaging with brands directly in a friendly and compassionate environment.

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