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Chatbot Integrations for Brands and Enterprises

Chatbots are tremendous efficiency tools delivering speedy responses and enablers of scaled conversations.

Realizing the full value of a chatbot program requires overcoming their limited ability to provide the level of personal and deep conversational interactions customers expect in messaging apps. It also requires the ability to track, manage and measure bot efficiency and effective integration with enterprise applications.

LiveWorld’s unique chatbot platform addresses these critical pieces providing you the right set of technology and the right blend of human interaction to deliver the optimal customer experience.

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Human OS for Chatbot Management

LiveWorld’s chatbot platform is a comprehensive toolset for capturing, tracking and managing your chatbot-enabled conversations

  • Leverage each customer’s conversation history, context and sentiment can be used to fully inform personalized and appropriate responses at scale
  • Automatically identify and route high-opportunity and high-risk conversations to marketing and customer service teams in real-time
  • Seamless chatbot integration with Salesforce and Helpdesk applications that arms your team with instant access to customer CRM profiles
LiveWorld customer servie platform analytics

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Integrated Bot-Human Interaction

Automated bot handoffs to your team with contextual relevance in real time ensures you never leave your customer stranded.

  • Seamless two-way conversation transfers between bots and your team
  • Smart prioritization of bot-to-team transfer based on urgency, team/agent availability, and more
  • Instant visibility of conversation ownership to avoid response collision

Open API Collaboration

  • Open API enables your developers to quickly integrate your chatbots
  • Bring any chatbot into the conversation flow with minimal IT involvement
  • Completely customizable rules of chatbot engagement

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Chatbot Development – we have years of experience in AI software development and have partnered with some of the best bot developers in the business

Moderation Services – our trained, multi-lingual staff of social media specialist can help you quickly scale to monitor chatbot programs, respond when chatbots reach their limits and engage customers through conversation around the clock.

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