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Scaling global moderation and conversational engagement with the perfect balance of automation and human intelligence creating emotional connections between customer and brand.
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Pain Point: Problematic user-generated content damages brand trust
Challenge: Can’t maintain consistency, quality, and scale of online presence with in-house resources.
Solution: Augment resources to amplify content moderation – expanding coverage, scale and audit tracking.


Pain Point: It’s difficult to handle customer support inquiries at scalable cost and quality
Challenge: In-house resources are not properly equipped for the nuances of social media customer service.
Solution: Augment in-house resources with full-service social media experts.


Social media properties under management


content moderation hours per year


Country / language combinations

2.9 M

Total moderation hours

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Our Approach

Inspiring Behavior by Sparking an Emotional Response

How do we strengthen customer relationships and drive results?

Creative to Acquire
Moderation to Protect
Engagement to Convert

Our time-tested approach is rooted in social expertise. We show brands how to talk to audiences one-on-one to create appreciation and drive loyalty. And, we use technology paired with human agents to reimagine social customer service. It’s simple, powerful and most important – it works.

Case Study

Engaging and delighting customers of Walmart

With more than 4,000 local store Facebook pages, a corporate page and presence on other social channels, Walmart wanted to scale its social media program to reach tens of millions of customers and address hundreds of thousands of user-generated comments per month. Explore how we helped them do that, while protecting their brand, driving store traffic and gaining key insights.


Leadership Team

At LiveWorld, we’re a collection of technology innovators, marketing pioneers and industry disruptors. Meet the people leading the way.

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Peter Friedman Founder, Chairman & CEO

Peter founded our company on a radically simple idea: Human connections inspire, educate, and enable people to create value together they could not by themselves. H e’s provided multiple global brands with strategic social media guidance and delivered hundreds of social media programs for them in multiple countries and languages.

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Dawn Lacallade Chief Social Strategist and Pharma Practice Lead

Dawn works with clients to develop innovative, tailored social media strategies that connect and engage patients, caregivers and HCPs to deliver patient value and business results. She draws on her extensive healthcare and pharma experience to oversee the creation and implementation of social initiatives that enable success.

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Umar Siddiqui Chief Medical Officer

Umar is an award-winning MD and digital health professional with 15+ years of experience spanning clinical research, health-system leadership, strategy consulting, venture-capital and health technology.

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Anu Shah Vice President, Software

Anu leads the IT, software, and product development teams for the technical and digital offerings at LiveWorld. With 18+ years of experience, her mix of strong leadership, technical expertise, and skillful communication ensure that LiveWorld clients have the innovative digital strategies they need to disrupt their industries.

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Martin Bishop Vice President, Client Services

Martin works closely with our clients to develop high-impact social media strategies so that they can make the most of its opportunities. He also oversees day-to-day activities of some of our largest clients’ social media programs on channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Danny Flamberg Vice President, Strategy - HCP

Danny is a pioneer in crafting compelling strategies, devising breakthrough messaging and embracing omnichannel thinking. He’s masterful at leveraging broadcast, digital, video, mobile and social media to support leading and insurgent pharmaceutical and life science brands.

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Rishi Kadiwar Vice President, Strategy - DTC

Rishi works with clients to meet consumers at the intersection of innovation and customer experience. He partners with leading hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to drive marketing engagement by creating strategies that bridge both digital and physical touchpoints. He specializes in customer journey mapping, interpreting the voice of the customer, and design thinking.

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Jena Dengrove Vice President, Creative Director

Jena builds brands through storytelling that engages and inspires others to take action. She leads and oversees LiveWorld’s creative strategy and work ranging from comprehensive campaigns to day-to-day team production. This includes working hand-in-hand with her agency counterparts and teams to produce ideas and designs that are rooted in the brand aesthetic and voice.

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David Houston Chief Financial Officier

David oversees our accounting, resource management, financial transactions and investor relations.

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