LiveWorld Labs

Create relationships between your brand & customers

LiveWorld Labs is our innovation center where we develop social media technologies. Here, we’re building next-generation software so brands like yours are able to improve the social customer experience.

Social technologies have been central to LiveWorld’s mission since 1996. LiveWorld Labs is where we continue our tradition of developing software to empower people to deliver more social customer experiences online.

For more than 20 years, LiveWorld has built technology that empowers people to more efficiently create relationships between brands and their customers. Since then, we’ve pioneered technology for consumers with our online community Talk City. We’ve developed self-service technology for brands to use to communicate with their customers. And, we continue to create and refine tools that allow our staff to more efficiently manage social properties for clients.

Driven by the needs of the world’s largest brands, LiveWorld has built software to help you more efficiently manage marketing and customer service activities in social media. The result: brands leveraging social media to build deeper relationships with customers, at your scale.

Moderation Software

Review user-generated content more efficiently

LiveWorld Moderation software enables brands to handle large volumes of user generated content across one or many social properties, so you can safeguard your customers and protect the brand reputation in social media. Designed with escalation workflows in place, you’re able to route customer conversations to the right teams. It includes alerts that identify emerging threats, brand abuse and hostility towards customers.


Engagement Software

Connect with your customers more easily

The ability to connect with customers is social media’s greatest strength. LiveWorld Engagement software gives you the tools to makes your brand more social and amplifies programs for both marketing and customer service.

Proactive for marketers. Drive awareness, increase digital word-of-mouth, develop brand advocates and grow your audience through 1-on-1 engagement.

Responsive for customer service. Easily find the social media conversations that matter most to your organization and your customers, so your team can simply focus on high-value customers and legitimate complaints.


Case Management/Customer Service Software With Case Management

Next Gen Social Customer Service Software

In order to be able to scale customer service in social media, your support teams must be able to leverage software built for the task. They need the ability to identify, assign, respond, and archive all communications with a customer, no matter the social channel or point of origin. LiveWorld Customer Service software redefines the standard for social customer service by bringing all the required customer information and workflows into a single application, with case management optimized for social media. The result: quicker response times, greater interactions with customers, more efficient use of resources, and increased customer satisfaction.


Analytics Software

Measure & report your social properties accurately

Make quicker, smarter marketing decisions by understanding what your customers are thinking. Our Analytics software uses semantic analysis to make humans more efficient. We blend LiveWorld technologies with our industry-leading listening tools to measure your social media properties, so you get insights about your brand, consumers, competitors, or product category. You’re able to benchmark the social tone of owned social properties against your competitors.

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