Better Marketing Decisions From Social Media Listening

The World’s Largest Brands Trust LiveWorld Insights From Customers

LiveWorld Listening Services

Leading brands rely on LiveWorld social media listening for analytics, text classification & semantic analysis, and identifying business opportunities. Armed with this information, you can develop data-driven strategies, grow marketshare and thwart competition.

Quickly optimize your marketing programs

Spot emerging conversation trends, and identify advocates and influencers

Minimize risk through data-driven decisions

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Can Your Agency Provide Insights For Marketing Optimization?

Companies often turn to their agency for insights, and to provide data to improve brand marketing programs. But are they just providing likes and follows? Social media veterans, like those at LiveWorld, can provide human touch and Interpretation. If you need insights that can influence and improve your marketing strategy, you need to turn to social media experts.

LiveWorld is a collection of strategists, marketers, analysts, data scientists, engineers, and business professionals
We have decades of social media experience spanning Apple’s earliest days, and through the foundation of social media & online services
Our teams work with the world’s largest brands, such as the #1 global retailer and the most popular CPGs, Airlines and Media Brands
Is Your Brand Chasing The Latest Trends, Instead Of Finding Them Before They Bloom?
Would you like to gain a competitive advantage? Emerging trends in new flavors, or colors or styles could provide an advantage. Would you have liked to know about the rise in gluten-free, or non-gmo and other trends in advance? Great social media listening can provide these kinds of insights.

Are You Able To Identify Social Media Crises And Competitive Risks Before They Arise?
We’d all like to be able to avert risk. Social media listening can assist in finding those insights early. Analysis of social media listening data and customer conversations can reveal an upcoming market downturn, or the health of your competition. With the data you currently have, is this kind of information exposed?
For more information contact LiveWorld at 1 (800) 301-9507
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