Real-Time Management of Social Media Conversations

Conversation Management Software

Reimagined Human Interactions for Improved Social Customer Service

LiveWorld’s conversation management software is designed to make it easier for companies to identify, route, prioritize, respond to, and resolve customer issues and complaints on social media and messaging apps. Thanks to a highly configurable collaborative framework, case management, escalation workflows, and SLA automations, our social customer service software empowers brands and enterprises to handle the volume and complexity of social media inquiries, and effectively use social media for customer service. LiveWorld leveraged nearly 20 years of experience building social media and online community platforms to create this next generation social media software that is designed for both speed and scale. Our software applies a proven customer service framework to social media and automates many of the time-consuming manual activities that are required to effectively engage with customers, and provide better social customer service.

If you are looking for Customer Service Messaging Software with smart automation and integrated chatbots for even greater efficiency and productivity gains, check out this solution.


Identify, triage, and route customer conversations

Smart listening and monitoring of social media channels that identifies, triages, and routes customer conversations that need attention.

  • Intelligently detect conversation by keyword, themes, sentiment, language, content type, and customer category or segment.
  • Automatically route issues and requests to specific teams and departments.
  • Simplify social listening by mapping content streams to your preferred organization’s structure – brands, regions, stores, or business units.


Improve Brand-to-Customer Interactions

By automatically structuring 1-on-1 conversations from disjointed comment threads on social media platforms, LiveWorld provides deeper focus on each request, enabling richer agent-to-customer interactions.

  • Transition 1-on-1 conversations seamlessly from public to private to maximize resolution efficiency.
  • Personalize responses and solve cases faster by knowing who you are talking to and what matters to them with comprehensive customer profiles, conversation history and social activity.


Escalate conversations to the right internal teams

Connect customer issues in social media to your entire organization. The software’s configurable workflows let you relentlessly optimize resolution by prioritizing, escalating, and assigning conversations to the appropriate teams.

  • Resolves problems using a case management framework with tickets, response database, tagging, approval workflows, and full audit trail.
  • Optimize teams’ collaboration with agent collision avoidance and time-saving functionality such as case views, business rules, and instant notifications.

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Our Difference

engage with customers & develop stronger relationships

Conversation management software that improves social customer service through:

  • Conversation-centric moderation and engagement console
  • Scaled human review and action that’s enabled by software
  • Performance analytics to manage issue resolution and closure
  • Integration with client systems (CRM, Help Desk, etc.)
  • Complete security, audit history, and conversation archive
  • Designed for team collaboration

Built for organizational collaboration, the software allows multiple teams and agents across customer service, marketing, and other departments to communicate with each other and respond to customers based on skills and expertise. By integrating social customer service into the enterprise, LiveWorld empowers brands to scale the quality of human review and action. Teams that use our software to engage with their customers develop stronger relationships by spending more time delivering more personalized, human 1-on-1 interactions that today’s social media savvy customers demand.