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Boost Customer Engagement with Images and Videos in Social Media Comments

1 July 2017
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Rich Media in Social Media Moderation Tools

Much of the success of social media has been its ability go beyond words and present rich media content to viewers. The number of photos and videos posted to social media sites across the board is staggering.

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Source: Social Pilot 2017

It’s not only consumers who are posting rich content. Smart brands know the power of images and videos to emotionally engage their customers and drive interaction. This is smart marketing — on average a tweet with an image receives 211 engagements while one without receives only 31 engagements.
Socially shared images and videos get attention and responses, increasing their percentage of the marketing pie. Through rich media, customers get to know a brand’s personality and engage with it in a more intimate way. It is a fundamental requirement to compete in today’s crowded, global marketplace.

  • Up to 53% of active Twitter and Instagram users follow companies/brands
  • 58% of the top brands have over 1,000,000 Twitter followers
  • 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweet is replied to

The penchant for rich media isn’t a one way street. Customers are responding to a brand’s rich media post in kind, incorporating many of the same types of rich media in their social media comments back to brands, necessitating brands to read and respond to more than just text.
The tools that organizations have used to manage large volumes of user content are often limited, forcing brands to respond back to users with only simple text posts or go to the native social media platform to view and engage in kind. This stunts the continuation of an engaging conversation. When users take the time to comment on a brand’s social media page, it’s vital for brands to leverage every possible tool to keep them engaged.

LiveWorld Enriches Social Comment Moderation

The LiveWorld platform supports the inclusion of rich media content in brand responses to user social media comments. Brands can engage with users in comment threads with the same interactive content they use in their brand posts.
Brands can use the LiveWorld platform to add both video and image content on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter DM, Instagram, WeChat, SMS and more. Choose images from your library or give your customer service teams the ability to send illustrated responses or even video instructions to issues.
For example, a home improvement store posts a video ad for an upcoming sale on toilets. They receive a comment to the ad from a consumer asking if they should replace their running toilet or have it fixed. Instead of the customer service representative replying with a simple suggestion, they use their LiveWorld platform to respond with a suggestion, a video on how to fix a running toilet, and a link to the products the consumer will need to purchase in order to complete the task.
The consumer walks away more than satisfied, saving not only money from buying a new toilet, but time in having to look up the how-to video themselves and then locate and purchase each product to fix the toilet. The consumer is more likely to share their experience with others, begin following the store, and clicking the “like” button.

Enrich Healthcare Social Content for Better Patient Experiences

Companies in the healthcare industry can also benefit from using the LiveWorld capabilities to manage rich media on their social channels. For many patients, managing their health can be stressful when dealing with hospitals, health insurance or pharmaceutical companies. Using video and images to respond to patients can make a potentially painful experience more pleasant. Medical device companies can offer video instructions to patients on how to use a new device for the first time. Hospitals can respond to patients with helpful images instructing how to find a particular ward in the hospital, making the healthcare ordeal less stressful.
Amp up your marketing and customer service comment moderation capabilities with LiveWorld. You will be able to engage with customers on a new level with interactions that are truly unique and memorable.