Social Media Insights & Analytics for Pharmaceuticals

Inspiring smarter marketing decisions with data-driven insights

Eliminate the guesswork by tapping into real-time customer conversations

LiveWorld offers real-time insights and analytics from our active social listening for smarter marketing decisions. Whether it’s the improvement of marketing programs, competitive analyses, or product development, our data helps you measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns and presence.

Listening to your customers on the social web is the best way to quickly identify growth opportunities, perform product and competitive research, and make faster marketing decisions. Our Insights & Analytics programs help you move beyond assumptions to give you hard data within context to represent exactly what people think about your brand. Using LiveWorld agents, our industry-leading conversation management software and 3rd party social tools, we make sure you have metrics to back up every decision.

Improve your marketing programs and leverage our deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With LiveWorld, you won’t miss adverse events normally overlooked by other vendors.

You can rely on LiveWorld Social Media Insights & Analytics to:

  • Provide your marketing team with customer and patient social data for smarter decision-making.
  • Understand patient tendencies through intelligent trend recognition and uncover what influences them.
  • Analyze and improve the patient’s journey through the measurement of satisfaction, delivery methods and prescription pricing.

When you combine LiveWorld Insights & Analytics and active social listening, you can confidently eliminate the guesswork and optimize your social marketing programs through data-driven decisions.

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