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Create stronger connections with your customers

Social media is a double-edged sword for brands. It can turn marketing campaigns into cultural movements by going viral and it can be a daily assault of hostility, haters and angry customers. The experience you provide customers in social media can make or break your brand. At LiveWorld, we provide services and software to deliver tailored engagement with customers that are natural continuations of the experiences people have with your brand in the real world.

Engagement Services


There’s real power when your brand interacts with your customers 1-on-1. Talking directly with your audience creates appreciation and drives loyalty, whether it’s quickly resolving a service issue or turning an everyday consumer into a brand advocate.

We’ll help you create better engagement and create deeper relationships through 1-on-1 conversations with customers that build loyalty and resolve service issues.

LiveWorld Engagement Services creates dialogue that makes your brand more social and amplifies programs for both marketing and customer service.

Proactive. For marketing teams, we provide a dynamic and interactive social presence that will make it easier to drive awareness, increase digital word-of-mouth, develop brand advocates and grow your audience through 1-on-1 engagement.

Responsive. We make it simple to find the social media conversations that matter most to your organization and your customers. By blending humans and technology, our Engagement Services quickly filter out the inapplicable comments so your team can simply focus on high-value customers and legitimate complaints.

LiveWorld Engagement Services are highly flexible, designed to provide the level of support and interaction your brand needs for everything from campaign launches to seasonal surges.

  • Engage more customers and create more appreciation with 1-on-1 conversations
  • Easily identify the conversations as needing responses from specific groups in your company
  • Escalate and funnel customer inquiries to the appropriate group for response
  • Reach out to customers and convert them into loyalists, and turn loyalists into advocates
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Moderation Services

Protecting your brand and customers 24/7

Every day, your customers are actively connecting and sharing content on your social media properties. In order to provide a welcoming environment and one that enhances the customer experience, your brand must have the ability to monitor and safeguard your audience from hostile agents.

LiveWorld Moderation Services combine the intelligence and compassion of human beings with the efficiency of technology. Our trained multi-lingual moderators work around the clock, using local language and native culture to understand nuances and meaning within customer conversations.

LiveWorld Moderation Services are designed to handle the scale of large-volume or multi-language brands. We deliver complete brand protection through around-the-clock coverage – and you get peace of mind knowing that we’re watching your back so you can focus on the bigger picture.

By blending the best of humans and software, we empower people, not replace them. This way, your brand sees a faster response time and you’re able to provide more 1-on-1 customer interactions. Our trained, US-based teams are dedicated to the fluid demands of social media, unlike call centers. Highly skilled in crisis management, we’re able to detect, address and mitigate potential problems before they affect your brand. We develop workflows and security procedures with your legal, PR and brand guidelines in mind.

  • 24/7 global coverage with 70 language/country combinations for all your social channels
  • Relentless monitoring fosters a safe environment for customers to visit and share experiences
  • Alert moderation identifies emerging threats, brand abuse and hostility towards customers, along with response guidelines and escalation protocols
  • Built for scale, our Moderation Services are enabled by software designed to quickly handle large volumes of user generated content across one or many social properties
  • Technology agnostic, our services are able to quickly plug in to your existing infrastructure
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Strategy & Content


We develop marketing and customer service strategies that attract customers to your social media presence, engage them in activity that drives revenue, loyalty and satisfaction, and foster deeper relationships through dialogue directly with the brand.. We know how to use social media to get results, whether it’s building awareness and loyalty, lead generation or resolving customer service issues and improving customer satisfaction.

Connect your company’s goals to marketing programs in social media and graduate from vanity metrics to achieve real business objectives. LiveWorld’s experienced, consultative approach to developing and implementing social media strategies lets you transform your brand’s social customer experience – so you can more effectively improve your marketing and customer service with real-time customer conversations.

  • Program consulting & strategy
  • Content planning & development
  • Creative & big idea initiatives
  • Community architecture program
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
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Insights & Analytics


Without context, real-time information from the social web is almost meaningless. That’s why our social listening and analytics programs clearly show you what your customers think and feel. And we take it further by bundling our insights with recommendations you can quickly activate in marketing programs.

Make quicker, smarter marketing decisions knowing what your customers are thinking and feeling about your brand, marketing, competitors and product category. LiveWorld Insights & Analytics Services provide the context and guidance you need to capitalize on real-time trends. With our decision-driven framework, we deliver reports that bridge the gap between listening software and insight discovery – giving you the inside track to actionable results.

To ensure discovery is both comprehensive and quick, we tailor listening tracks, complimented by both human & automatic tagging and performance & conversation analysis. The result is reports that dig into the topics and themes driving conversations and explain why people are discussing topics related to the success of your brand’s marketing.

  • Insights about your brand, consumers, competitors, or product category
  • Topic analysis of consumer conversations across the social web
  • Measurement & reporting of owned social properties
  • Benchmark the social tone of owned social properties against competitors
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LiveWorld Academy

Learn best practices from social media experts

LiveWorld Academy is a series of courses and workshops designed to help companies develop successful marketing and customer service programs. By focusing on the customer experience, we’re able to bring leaders and practitioners together in an environment to discover the best plan and programs for their organization.

Led by our senior executives, all industry experts with years of experience under their belts, you’ll receive a tailored program grounded in real-world, time-tested best practices you won’t find most places. And, you’ll come away with the knowledge you need to better manage social media programs.

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LiveWorld Labs

Software that enhances your social media programs

Social technologies have been central to LiveWorld’s mission since 1996. LiveWorld Labs is where we continue our tradition of developing software to empower people to deliver more social customer experiences online. Driven by the needs of the world’s largest brands, LiveWorld has built software to help you more efficiently manage marketing and customer service activities in social media. The result: brands leveraging social media to build deeper relationships with customers, at your scale.

Looking for software to enhance your social media programs?

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