Strategy & Content Management Services for Pharmaceuticals

Get better performing social media with on-target strategy

Drive revenue, increase brand satisfaction, and foster relationships

LiveWorld Strategy & Content Management provides vetted processes for social media and impactful, big idea campaigns that drive revenue, increase brand satisfaction and maximize ROI.

Partner with LiveWorld to implement a smart social marketing strategy your pharmaceutical company needs for success. Our processes are specifically designed for the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry who may require support in social media.

LiveWorld helps your brand get the most out of social media with proven programs that can drive engagement, build awareness and develop sympathetic communities or conversations around a disease state or treatment regimen. We share our social knowledge with you so you can be more responsive, more informative and more successful on the most popular social media platforms.

LiveWorld’s Strategy & Content Management Services:

  • Provide vetted processes used by 5 of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical brands for their social and conversational marketing.
  • Leverage skilled agents adept in social networks who will execute strategies using our conversation management software and 3rd party social tools.
  • Deliver imaginative and impactful social strategies, such as content planning and conversational guidelines aligned with your objectives.
  • Develop programs and social communities that strengthen relationships with patients.

Using our creative approach, we’ll collaborate with you to attract and engage more people to your social media presence, providing you with the best opportunity to build relationships and brand loyalty.
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