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How to Scale Social and Maintain Customer Engagement in Regulated Industries

post by: Peter Friedman

Social media marketing for companies in regulated industries poses special challenges—challenges such companies can, and should, face if they wish to remain competitive. The ability to engage deeply with customers in social will increasingly define the world’s best-of-class products and companies. Drawing on our experience at LiveWorld, working with major brands in the pharmaceutical and […]

Your Brand Could Use a Sense of Humor. Seriously.

post by: Matthew Hammer

Did you know humor can help you engage with your customers on social media, clarify your brand’s voice, and extend your social reach? It’s true. Here at LiveWorld, we encourage our clients and their brands to tap into their sense of humor every once in a while—it draws an audience in, extends a welcoming hand, […]

SXSW Sneak Peek – Social Media Engagement: It’s Time To Evolve

post by: Matthew Hammer

Does This Sound Familiar? If you’re a social media marketer, you probably spend a lot of time trying to create engaging content and might suspect you’re wasting time and money and you could be doing better. You write Facebook status updates asking people to “like” one thing or “comment” on another. You post photos of […]

The High Value Of Facebook, Engagement Brand Building

post by: Peter Friedman

This blog post is an extract from the Huffington Post’s article “A Different View: Why Facebook Is Worth More & Wall Street Is Wrong“ written by Peter Friedman Facebook is bringing new and greater value for consumers and marketers through innovative models of engagement brand building.  Critics, ranging from the advertising to tech to Wall […]

Facebook Tabs & Apps, Dead or Alive? That’s not the question. Big or small, use them wisely, relative to your goals.

post by: Peter Friedman

Quite a flurry has ensued over the last several days about the Pagelever study on Facebook tabs being down 53% since Facebook’s launch of Timeline. Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes (@invoker), eloquently argues their near demise, and Strutta CEO, Ben Pickering (@bpicks), equally well taking the position “not so fast.” This isn’t a matter of tabs and apps being good or bad, or the category large […]

A Facebook engagement model of excellence

post by: Matthew Hammer

  The list of successes for Eric Whitacre is a long one, including: His compositions have been commissioned and performed around the world by groups ranging from school music classes to the highest levels of professional ensembles; A US iTunes Store search returns 150 albums containing his music, including his own chart-topping 2010 release of Light […]

Connecting to your Facebook fans on nights and weekends

post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson If your brand only publishes Facebook Wall posts during traditional business hours, you’re missing out on additional opportunities to connect with your fans. Here’s why: * Just because you are offline at night or on weekends doesn’t mean your fans are, too. In fact, they could be spending more time on Facebook during non-business hours. In […]

Introducing boomers to social networking and community

post by: Jenna Woodul

Working with one of our clients this week, I’m thinking about how to engage women in their 50s in online community. Despite that fact that online community was invented by Boomers (many of us cut our online teeth on newsgroups, BBS discussions, and IRC), the Groundswell profile tool shows that 44% of the Boomer population are not active in […]