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Should we close our website community in favor of Facebook?

post by: Jenna Woodul

Sometimes people talk about being on Facebook like it’s the great new thing — and traditional community forums are the boring old thing. They question the value of the traditional central website community in light of the prominence of Facebook on the social media landscape. Let’s stop and think about it: The question isn’t as simple as “should we […]

Jay Bryant to Pixels & Pills: Pharma brand marketing on Facebook is a manageable risk

post by: Matthew Hammer

Following a discussion that he led at the BDI Social Communications & Healthcare 2011 roundtables last week, our LiveWorld Sales VP, Jay Bryant, checks in with Pixels & Pills’ Sarah for a conversation about social media’s impact on the pharmaceutical industry. In the interview, Jay addresses the concern that many pharma brands raise as they participate in social […]

Adverse events only small percentage of comments on pharma Facebook Pages

post by: Matthew Hammer

August 15, 2011 looms as the date when disease-state and over-the-counter (OTC) pharma brands will no longer be able to prevent fans from commenting on their Facebook Pages. This also means an obligation to watch for and report all adverse events (AE) on the Page. So how much AE content should pharma brands realistically expect? To […]

Why good relationship marketing is like throwing a party

post by: Peter Friedman

The way that relationship marketing and social media work is in layers or concentric circles. We like to think and talk about this using a party metaphor. At the core, you have the people who wanted to make the party, or the guests of honor. That’s usually the brand, and its immediate people executing it. To socialize […]

Facebook Tabs & Apps, Dead or Alive? That’s not the question. Big or small, use them wisely, relative to your goals.

post by: Peter Friedman

Quite a flurry has ensued over the last several days about the Pagelever study on Facebook tabs being down 53% since Facebook’s launch of Timeline. Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes (@invoker), eloquently argues their near demise, and Strutta CEO, Ben Pickering (@bpicks), equally well taking the position “not so fast.” This isn’t a matter of tabs and apps being good or bad, or the category large […]

Putting it together: a Facebook marketing framework

post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson. During our “31 Days of Facebook Marketing” series this month, we’ve covered several of the components that are needed for an effective Facebook brand marketing plan and program. To tie it all together, we’re mashing together our best practices into three key areas: creating content, advertising, and building the […]

Why a human touch is needed in Facebook moderation

post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson. Should you depend on filtering tools to protect your brand against Facebook spam? In our view: no. And in a comment to an outstanding post from Intel’s Ekaterina Walter earlier today on “How to Respond to Facebook Attacks,” I explain why. Here’s the crux of my comment: I would suggest that businesses […]

Questions to guide Facebook brand response

post by: Matthew Hammer

If you’re in the business of listening and talking to your customers on Facebook, then you need a strong plan for brand response. From deciding whether, when, and how often you’ll respond to fan feedback and questions, there’s a whole range of issues to consider. As a guide for that planning, we’ve come up with this […]

A Facebook engagement model of excellence

post by: Matthew Hammer

  The list of successes for Eric Whitacre is a long one, including: His compositions have been commissioned and performed around the world by groups ranging from school music classes to the highest levels of professional ensembles; A US iTunes Store search returns 150 albums containing his music, including his own chart-topping 2010 release of Light […]

Presentation on Facebook pharma changes

post by: Matthew Hammer

Changes are coming to Facebook that will require pharma companies to allow fan comments on their Wall posts. And in the presentation below, LiveWorld Chief Community Officer Jenna Woodul shares how pharma marketers should prepare for this new two-way environment.   Pharma Facebook Changes View more presentations from LiveWorld ——   This post is part […]