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What Social Media Marketers Can Learn from Taxi Cabs in Havana, Cuba

Taking a cab in Havana, Cuba, is nothing like taking one in the United States. The taxis there are communal, but it’s not like being in U.S.-based public transportation either. In New York, for example, people on the subway read, listen to music or thumb their iPads. There’s not much eye contact and striking up […]

5 tips for managing customer relationships through social

When it comes to social media, most companies are not actually very social at all. Instead they are stuck in the traditional broadcast, digital and public relations marketing models of talking at customers. They just are using social channels to do it. Here is a short list of best practices to join and develop online […]

The Six Holiday Commandments for Exceptional Customer Service

“Bah, humbug!” No, that’s too strong ‘Cause it is my favorite holiday But all this year’s been a busy blur Don’t think I have the energy – The Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping For brands large and small, customer service conducted online and via social media is crucial, and this time of year, it’s an even bigger […]

It’s Called “Social Media,” Not “Automated Media”

Companies that use automated models as their primary approach to social media (publishing, responding, engaging) risk these outcomes: Best case, they leave themselves exposed to defeat by competitors, and worst case, they irreparably damage their brands. Social media is about dialogue and relationships among people by definition — and that’s what consumers expect it to […]

Yes AdAge, Facebook should sell relationships because true social is about relationships

Last week I read a compelling article, one that actually speaks to the true underlying fundamentals of social media, about which much of our industry remains surprisingly unaware. While the follow-up comments on this piece have some merit, it seems to me they are missing Ben’s fundamental point and the fundamentals of social that distinguish it as […]

10 questions for social media customer service

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson. We regularly work with our brand clients on scenario and workflow planning for customer service and brand response on social channels, particularly Facebook. Social media is transforming customer service, and we find that many brands are still catching up and adapting to the always-on, public, and conversational nature of […]

The good side of relationship trouble online

post by: Jenna Woodul

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships with fans and customers, and there’s no doubt that it’s important to be ready for big trouble — bad trouble. But as in any relationship, not every kind of trouble can be termed a crisis. Things come up that cause smaller trouble — good trouble, if you like, because it comes from misunderstanding, misinformation, hurt […]

Why good relationship marketing is like throwing a party

The way that relationship marketing and social media work is in layers or concentric circles. We like to think and talk about this using a party metaphor. At the core, you have the people who wanted to make the party, or the guests of honor. That’s usually the brand, and its immediate people executing it. To socialize […]

Building relationships with your brand voice

  “It should be noted that when your order came in earlier, a few of us sat around at break and talked about how awesome your taste and decision-making ability was. We hope you had a wonderful time on the site; we enjoyed cyber-hanging out with you.” The company who sold me boots last month […]

How social media culture is transforming customer service

post by: Jenna Woodul

The social media efforts of large companies typically start somewhere in the marketing department. However, in short order, it becomes apparent that a large portion of what customers want from a company is customer service. Marketing then sets up an escalation process for providing answers from customer service. Eventually, as we’re starting to see with […]