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Don't Be Tricked: LiveWorld's Top Social Media Treats

post by: Peter Friedman

We’re often asked how we help the world’s biggest brands maximize the results of social. Their daunting task can involve managing hundreds of social pages with hundreds of thousands of comments in dozens of languages. (Actually, LiveWorld supports up to 70 country-language combinations, to be exact.) Here is a quick list of the kinds of […]

Two Tests: Social Media Dream or Dud?

post by: Peter Friedman

Would you ever host a party and spend the entire time talking only about yourself—or, going a step further, selling yourself—to guests? Would you ever want to attend a party like that? Of course not. A brand’s presence in social media is very much akin to a party, one they want customers to like, speak […]

15 Big Social Media Mistakes Companies Make and How to Avoid Them

post by: Matthew Hammer

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. But used the wrong way, social media sites can have a negative impact on your business — costing you goodwill and prospective customers. So how can you create a positive impression of your business and/or your products on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, […]

Why does my brand need moderation for Twitter?

post by: Matthew Hammer

Twitter is a strange beast. (Sorry, Twitter, that’s not an insult, I promise.) A global social phenomenon that has grown exponentially, (218m active users sending 9,100 tweets per second), nearly every brand has a Twitter presence, whether it’s there to broadcast information and updates, drive sales, serve as an alternate customer service channel, or engage […]

How Marketers Can Make Friends With Legal

post by: Peter Friedman

Marketers who are innovating in social media and working for big companies are likely to have experienced one or more bruising run-ins with their legal teams. Indeed, as I work with clients, I often find an adversarial relationship between social-media marketers and legal departments. It’s bad for everyone. Legal doesn’t understand the benefits of campaigns, […]

To abuse or not to abuse your power on Facebook? Social PR pros weigh in – Inside Facebook

post by: Matthew Hammer

Recently, the CEO of a social media firm ranted publicly about a brand we all know, calling their reps liars on his blog and in social channels. Neither the name of the CEO nor the name of the brand is important here. What matters is if or when he should do this, using his prominence […]

The Emmy Awards: An Approach to Social Media

post by: Matthew Hammer

Blog post based on Ryan Morris’ article “Brand Approach to Social Media: Where’s the Party?” from December 19, 2012.  We’ve always thought of social media as a gathering of people — a party that the brand throws for its customers – similar to the Emmy Awards gathering the finest in the television industry, a celebration […]

Six Lessons from 29 Years of Experience in Social

post by: Peter Friedman

I’ve been building relationships for companies through online community and social media for 29 years, starting from my earliest work at Apple with a product called Desktop Express and the Apple industry online community, AppleLink, and continuing to my present role as chairman and CEO of LiveWorld, which provides social content marketing solutions to major […]

Who’s Doing Social Media Marketing Right?

post by: Peter Friedman

As I gear up for the NG CMO Summit in September, I sat down to interview marketing expert Jeffrey Hayzlett. Jeff was one of the first CMOs, most famously at Kodak, to “get” social and successfully leverage its power to redefine brands and build customer relationships. Today he’s better known as a global business celebrity, […]