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Why Facebook EdgeRank and NFO will matter to marketers in 2011

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson Will optimizing content for the Facebook News Feed (NFO) emerge as a critical skill for marketers in 2011? Paul Dunay thinks so, and includes the rise of NFO in his list of 11 B2B marketing predictions for the coming year. Here’s why Paul is right on the money with his prediction: There […]

Social media's future isn't about content; it's about relationships

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Editor’s note: This post from Peter comes as a response to Geoff Livingston’s piece, “The End of the Social Media Adoption Road.” Geoff has a well-thought-out article, but I challenge its fundamental conclusions: 1) “We’re rapidly approaching the end of the technology adoption curve for social media.” 2) “By year end 2011, social media will […]

Podcast: the charity: water September campaign

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson  charity: water has just kicked off its most ambitious September birthday campaign ever. Through the end of September, the nonprofit is asking people to “give up their September birthdays” to raise $1.75 million and provide clean drinking water for the Bayaka people of the Central African Republic. Its a […]

A blog is not a community

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Peter Kim hits on an issue today that I alluded to in a SocialVoice post last week: the real definition of community. It’s troubling — though not entirely surprising — to see that word thrown around so carelessly, as if a blog or a message board on its own is a community. It isn’t. Without people congregating, connecting, […]