LiveWorld Academy

Learn social media best practices from the people who’ve perfected it

LiveWorld Academy is a series of courses and workshops designed to help companies develop successful marketing and customer service programs specifically for social media. By focusing on the customer experience, we’re able to bring leaders and practitioners together in an environment to discover the best plan and programs for their organization.

Led by our senior executives, all industry experts with years of experience under their belts, you’ll receive a tailored program grounded in real-world, time-tested best practices you won’t find most places. And you’ll come away with the knowledge you need to better manage social media programs. The LiveWorld Academy includes:

  • Social Brand Identity
  • Social Media Crisis Planning
  • Social Content Marketing Refresher
  • Advanced Social Content Marketing & Social Storytelling


Social Brand Identity

Do you want to deliver a better online experience with higher quality engagement, more customer interactions, and real-time insights that can inform your social marketing program?

Social Brand Identity connects your business goals to the social media program, and defines how your customers will experience your brand in the context of social media. Through pre-interviews, full day workshop and follow up creative sessions we develop that identity and experience along with a social media program roadmap, and channel strategy. All delivered in a social media brief to direct the program and inform the rest of the marketing mix.

Social Media Crisis Planning

While social media has significant business value and ROI, it also comes with some risk of fast spreading negative events. To reduce brand risk and ensure prompt management of any unforeseen events, it is critical for brands to have a crisis plan in place. This workshop helps brands develop the tools and processes to better prepare your business.

The Social Media Crisis Planning Program begins with discovery so you’ll understand the business context and program elements that can inform how you craft a better crisis plan. LiveWorld’s program includes a workshop with in-person training and simulation exercises along with recommendations and a documented crises management plan for your brands. The workshop concludes with an unannounced virtual crisis simulation several months later to test the efficacy of your plan.

Social Content Marketing Refresher

Can you name the top 15 social media sites where your brand might be active? We can. These top channels release new features every month, and every month we learn new insights on how to best reach and engage your customers in these unique ecosystems. You probably don’t have the time to stay current on everything and look for new opportunities everywhere in the social marketing industry, but we do.

In this workshop session, our team of analysts and strategists will review the latest developments, examine best practices and success stories, look ahead to where the industry is heading, and give you practical insights on how you can select and succeed in a wide variety of social channels.

This hands-on session changes quarterly – because the industry changes rapidly, this will never be the same workshop twice. You will discuss or create sample strategies and content for the channels covered using your own marketing materials, and will leave with the know-how to form a blueprint that will help evolve your current social marketing program.

Advanced Social Content Marketing

Does your content marketing deliver purposeful engagement and actionable insights that proves the ROI of your program? There’s gold in customer conversations – if you’re taking full advantage of the opportunity that social media provides. Creating content that converts engagement into sales and draws voice of customer insights that helps reach business goals is a more powerful and profitable use of social channels than collecting likes, comments and fans.

This half-day workshop will show you how to develop social content using brand and customer stories that invites actionable insights and creates a conversion funnel. Learn how to repurpose your existing marketing materials to activate your customer base as brand ambassadors in social media channels and increase leads and sales in the process.

You’ll leave the workshop with the tools to evolve your current social marketing program. These are tactics and tips you can start using immediately – no radical change or managerial approvals required. Sign up now.

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