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Pharma Social Marketing Complexities Demand Expertise

7 March 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

Social media is an integral part of pharmaceutical and life science marketing and advertising. Marketers are scrambling to effectively conceive, design, and deploy campaigns on public and private social platforms to reach and persuade HCPs, patients, caregivers, payers, and communities of interest. Many of these platforms have evolving requirements, technical nuances, targeting challenges and/or content […]

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LiveWorld / Nutricia Real Foods Blend campaign named 2023 PM360 Pharma Choice Award Winner for Social Media

14 February 2023
Posted by: Pam Flores, Account Director

In early 2022, LiveWorld partnered with Nutricia Real Food Blends in support of their new product launch: Real Food Blends Mini, a smaller, snack-size option made from ingredients known to help with bowel function for tube-fed people. The campaign targeted both patients and HCPs using a social first strategy, and was so well received, it […]

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ChatGPT: It’s coming at you, content marketers

17 January 2023
Posted by: Martin Bishop, Vice President, Client Services

It’s hard not to be blown away by what ChatGPT can do. Even in its current iteration (new and more powerful versions are coming soon), its ability to chat with well-written, human-like responses is pretty amazing. It’s very “wow!” It’s easy to get carried away by what it’s able to do but there are important […]

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12 Predictions for Non-Personal HCP Promotion in 2023

30 December 2022
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

As 2022 turns into 2023, social media is strong and ascendent as an everyday promotional channel for healthcare providers (HCPs). Seventy percent of HCPs report actively using social channels for professional purposes. A variety of studies and surveys have found that social media is a leading channel for creating brand awareness, generating leads, providing scientific […]

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