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Manage Adverse Events And FDA Compliance On Social Media

Your brand’s customers are active on social media and sharing adverse events. In order to stay compliant with the FDA, it’s crucial to have the processes and social media solutions in place to properly identify, report, track, and manage your products’ adverse events discussed on social media. LiveWorld’s social media pharma solutions combine the intelligence and compassion of human beings scaled with the efficiency and scalability of software automation. This way, every adverse event is spotted – and your brand remains FDA compliant.

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Adverse Events Management

Pervasive monitoring of social properties to ensure compliance

LiveWorld’s Adverse Events Management solution enables the review, escalation and archiving of adverse events from pharmaceutical digital marketing and social media for full FDA compliance, providing marketers with worry-free compliance.

Social media can provide great benefits to marketers, but pharmaceutical companies must be vigilant to identify adverse events mentioned in posts. To remain compliant with the FDA, it’s crucial to have the right social media processes in place to fully manage any adverse events that your customers discuss.

Adverse Event Management from LiveWorld uses our recognized dual-monitoring process which seamlessly blends human review with our conversations management software for the identification, routing and reporting of adverse events. With both human eyes and technology watching out for your brand, your pharma social media campaigns have the peace of mind knowing your brand and products have 24/7 coverage for adverse events.

You can rely on Adverse Events Management to:

  • Provide lightning-fast identification of adverse events from off-label usage or unintended effects for assurance.
  • Route detailed and inclusive alerts of adverse events to cross-functional teams, like MedReg, legal or pharmacovigilance.
  • Collect full documentation of adverse events in conversations for uninterrupted, comprehensive reporting and compliance records.

With LiveWorld you’re able to use social marketing backed by proven processes which are vetted and recognized as best practices by some of the largest pharmaceutical brands in the world.

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Insights & Analytics

Inspiring smarter marketing decisions with data-driven insights

LiveWorld offers real-time insights and analytics from our active social listening for smarter marketing decisions. Whether it’s the improvement of marketing programs, competitive analyses, or product development, our data helps you measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns and presence.

Listening to your customers on the social web is the best way to quickly identify growth opportunities, perform product and competitive research, create pharma social media campaigns, and make faster marketing decisions. Our Insights & Analytics programs help you move beyond assumptions to give you hard data within context to represent exactly what people think about your brand. Using LiveWorld agents, our industry-leading conversation management software and 3rd party social tools, we make sure you have metrics to back up every decision.

Improve your marketing programs and leverage our deep experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With LiveWorld, you won’t miss adverse events normally overlooked by other vendors.

You can rely on LiveWorld Social Media Insights & Analytics to:

  • Provide your marketing team with customer and patient social data for smarter decision-making.
  • Understand patient tendencies through intelligent trend recognition and uncover what influences them.
  • Analyze and improve the patient’s journey through the measurement of satisfaction, delivery methods and prescription pricing.

When you combine LiveWorld Insights & Analytics and active social listening, you can confidently eliminate the guesswork and optimize your social marketing programs through data-driven decisions.

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Community Management

Developing and fostering successful communities

LiveWorld Community Management, Patient Support & Engagement solutions offer pharma marketers an easy way to establish public or private communities that deliver patient support, advocacy and education while cultivating an ideal platform to receive direct feedback from patients.

Great outcomes can result when pharmaceutical brands take the initiative to go beyond product innovation to promote patient engagement. Through supportive communities that provide disease-state awareness, regimen education, and compassionate encouragement, pharma brands can build relationships, drive loyalty and enhance awareness among patients.

LiveWorld Community Management Services allows pharmaceutical companies to custom create patient or disease-state communities that inspire conversations at multiple stages of the patient journey.

LiveWorld Community Management, Patient Support & Engagement solutions enable you to:

  • Respond to patients with compassion, disease-state awareness and empathyand encouragement with 1-on-1, personal conversations.
  • Provide peer support, guidance and advice at all stages of the patient journey by connecting patients with people like them, and health care providers in educational and supportive communities.
  • Free up your marketing team from community response, with 24/7 LiveWorld agents trained according to your strict guidelines for compliance and marketing objectives.

LiveWorld-developed patient communities are dynamic and responsive social presences. We make it easier for patients to find information and develop relationships with fellow patients/survivors while engaging with brands directly in a friendly and compassionate environment.

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Social Strategy

Get better performing social media with on-target strategy

LiveWorld Strategy & Content Management provides vetted processes for social media and impactful, big idea campaigns that drive revenue, increase brand satisfaction and maximize ROI.

Partner with LiveWorld to implement a smart social marketing strategy your pharmaceutical company needs for success. Our processes are specifically designed for the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry who may require support in social media.

LiveWorld helps your brand get the most out of social media with proven programs that can drive engagement, build awareness and develop sympathetic communities or conversations around a disease state or treatment regimen. We share our social knowledge with you so you can be more responsive, more informative and more successful on the most popular social media platforms.

LiveWorld’s Strategy & Content Management Services:

  • Provide vetted processes used by 5 of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical brands for their social and conversational marketing.
  • Leverage skilled agents adept in social networks who will execute strategies using our conversation management software and 3rd party social tools.
  • Deliver imaginative and impactful social strategies, such as content planning and conversational guidelines aligned with your objectives.
  • Develop programs and social communities that strengthen relationships with patients.

Using our creative approach, we’ll collaborate with you to attract and engage more people to your social media presence, providing you with the best opportunity to build relationships and brand loyalty.

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