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    April 12

    Thou Bleeding Heart – Brand Response to the OpenSSL Security Bug

    With the widespread media coverage of the Internet security bug known as the Heartbleed bug, people are understandably anxious to know how exposed they are and what they can do to protect themselves. Brands are also understandably nervous to talk about security vulnerabilities in social channels for fear of stoking more anxiety among customers — [...]

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    April 08

    The ABCs of 2014: Avoiding Brand Confusion – Once and For All webinar

    Date: May 1st, 2:00pm ET Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO and Founder, is a featured speaker on this webinar on the lack of consistency in brand messaging and avoiding consumer confusion, in other words “Brand Schizophrenia.” Your brand’s social channels are probably being managed by an array of people – employees, agencies, newbies and digital natives. [...]