About Us

LiveWorld, a social content marketing company, is a trusted partner to the world’s largest brands, including the number-one companies in retail, CPG, pharmaceutical, and financial/travel services.

We revolutionize the management of user content through innovative technology, leading-edge services, and deep integration with client marketing and customer support teams. Scaling human review of user content and human touch points, LiveWorld removes obstacles faced by brands, allowing them to engage more deeply in social media.

In an innovative approach that encompasses review, management, and analysis of user content, LiveWorld provides 24/7 brand protection through “always on” moderation and engagement across social channels, applications, and sites. The LiveWorld solution offers competitive advantage through management of user content in sheer volume, resulting in amplified brand presence, actionable insight, and increased customer loyalty.

The View We Bring

  • We believe that dialogue and relationships have a transformative power to positively affect the consumer experience and brand loyalty.
  • We believe that brands are people and should come across as friends who understand that we all need to express ourselves, connect to each other as friends, and give/get attention.
  • We believe that technology is best used to support humans, making judgments in context and connecting people to people.

This view — unique in the industry — is the reason why Fortune 500 companies turn to LiveWorld for moderation and community programming.

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Want more information on how LiveWorld can help your organization create great social customer relationships?

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