Chief Community Officer and Executive Vice President, Jenna Woodul, talks all things Community with Community Signal

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We use online communities everyday. You may even be logged into Facebook or Twitter interacting with friends right now. But, did you know Facebook wasn’t even a thought when online community began? They began over 30 years ago with Apple and our Chief Community Officer and Executive Vice President, Jenna Woodul, was at the start of it all.

Jenna recently discussed the past and future of online communities with Patrick O’ Keefe of Community Signal. In this podcast they discuss:

  • The beginning of community and the community manager job title
  • How she and Peter Friedman, Founder, Chairman & CEO of LiveWorld, left Apple to begin LiveWorld and launch Talk City
  • Why it is important for companies to have a chief community officer
  • The opportunity community professionals can have with real-time messaging
  • How bots can be helpful- as long as users give them permission to interact
  • And, Jenna answers the question: is social media a set of tools and community is a strategy that uses the tools?

Click here to learn more about online communities and community management with Jenna Woodul.

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