The Social Content Marketing Suite (SCMS) is at the pinnacle of social media tools and products available on the market today. Scaling human management of user content, the SCMS creates enterprise social workflow across all social media channels, supporting conversation and relationships between a brand and its customers.

The SCMS, through its API integration, supports consistent management, moderation, and insight across social channels and applications.

The SCMS is comprised of four applications:

LiveWorld Social Content Management Platform

LiveMod pulls in user content of all types from Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, Jive, LiveWorld applications (Facebook Ask & Answer, Facebook Forums, Community Center), and a brand’s custom sites and applications. While it includes appropriate automation (such as keyword filtering and/or prioritization), more importantly, the LiveMod Application Suite then runs user content by the trained eyes of our moderation staff. Our moderators approve or reject it, escalate as needed, and respond to customers. Along the way, the system produces moderation and insight tagging reports for client distribution and/or further analysis. The platform enables human moderation at high speeds, increasing scale and cost efficiency. It allows moderation of up to 1,000 posts/hr/moderator under optimal conditions, which is 2x-10x faster than other vendor tools. (Typical situations run 500 posts/hr/moderator — still 2x-10x faster than others.)

LiveInsight provides tagging tools that enable high speed, flexible human tagging of user comments. This capability provides human understanding of conversational nuance and the basis for our social strategists’ qualitative analysis reports. Future enhancements include increasing flexibility in query and reporting, as well as integration with third-party analytics.

LiveEngage enables brands to foster dialogue and relationships among and with their customers. Facebook Forums creates a discussion forum for a depth of conversations seamlessly integrated within Facebook. A curator repurposes select user content from Twitter for display on a brand’s website, Facebook Page, custom applications, or even in web ads. Forums and Groups applications (with API customization) creates discussion and group membership experiences on branded web sites. The API also enables social content to be embedded directly into web site pages.

LiveCare includes enhanced escalation features, SLA monitoring, Ask & Answer, and specialized reports. Ask & Answer provides a customer support social experience on the brand’s Facebook Page, the brand’s website, or an integrated combination of both. The LiveCare Application Suite also includes an API, with which we can custom integrate the system with a brand’s CRM system.


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