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Reputation Management: Another Benefit of Content Moderation

30 May 2023
Posted by: Jason Liebowitz, VP- Sales

Marketers are in the business of building trust, a task made significantly more difficult with today’s digital landscape. Consumers around the world rely on others to validate their decisions before making purchases. More than ever it’s important to keep up on what’s being said on as many properties as ever, owned and earned, to ensure […]

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Changing HCP Minds with Social Media

26 May 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

A LiveWorld-Sermo survey of 206 physicians across ten specialties found that clinical information delivered on social media changed minds and drove behavior change. 57% changed their POV on a new treatment or medication 41% changed the medicine they prescribed With 75% of American physicians using public and private social media for professional purposes, social creative […]

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5 Guaranteed Ways to Annoy an HCP Audience

10 May 2023
Posted by: Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy- HCP

Every pharma marketer wants to know and persuade healthcare professionals (HCPs). So, it’s no wonder that HCPs are bombarded with messages, in a growing array of channels, the majority of which either land with a thud or are completely ignored. It’s easy to annoy HCPs by making bad creative choices on social media. Here are […]

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The Power of Social Listening in Healthcare Communities for Pharma

8 May 2023
Posted by: Rishi Kadiwar, VP Strategy- DTC

In recent years, patients have increasingly turned to private social media communities to learn about their conditions and seek emotional support from others who share their experiences. A survey conducted by the PwC Health Research Institute in 2020 found that 90% of 1,000 US adults use social media to search for health information. Additionally, over […]

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