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Without context, real-time information from the social web is almost meaningless. That’s why our social listening and analytics programs clearly show you what your customers think and feel. And we take it further by bundling our insights with recommendations you can quickly activate in marketing programs.

Make quicker, smarter marketing decisions knowing what your customers are thinking and feeling about your brand, marketing, competitors and product category. LiveWorld Insights & Analytics Services provide the context and guidance you need to capitalize on real-time trends. With our decision-driven framework, we deliver reports that bridge the gap between listening software and insight discovery – giving you the inside track to actionable results.

To ensure discovery is both comprehensive and quick, we tailor listening tracks, complimented by both human & automatic tagging and performance & conversation analysis. The result is reports that dig into the topics and themes driving conversations and explain why people are discussing topics related to the success of your brand’s marketing.

  • Insights about your brand, consumers, competitors, or product category
  • Topic analysis of consumer conversations across the social web
  • Measurement & reporting of owned social properties
  • Benchmark the social tone of owned social properties against competitors

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