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Jenna Woodul, LiveWorld Chief Community Officer

Jenna Woodul is the Chief Community Officer at LiveWorld. As a company co-founder, her commitment to online community is both personal passion and company asset. The LiveWorld strategic community model evolved from her 20 years of first-hand design and management of online social venues. In her role as executive sponsor and consultant for our clients, Jenna oversees the LiveWorld definition of community culture, strategic planning through community development, and the ongoing evolution of the LiveWorld model as it is propelled by technical innovation and customized to specific client needs.

Jenna began her online career in 1984 as part of AppleLink, the Apple Computer business communications service. She was a core member of the team that developed a consumer-oriented version of that system. Known as AppleLink Personal Edition, the project eventually evolved into the service and company that became America Online. While at Apple, she created the eWorld Community Center, which housed the heart of eWorld’s interactivity. She continued to cultivate the model with the millions of users at Talk City, developing the community techniques and the actual talent that now manages communities for LiveWorld clients. (LiveWorld created, owned and operated Talk City from 1996 to mid-2001. With 3-4 million regular monthly users, and one of the stickiest usage patterns on the Internet, Talk City was one of the largest and highest quality Internet community sites in its time.)

Jenna holds a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies from Vassar and a master’s degree in Education from the University of New Mexico. She tweets from @JennaWoodul.

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