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Strategic Insight

Revealing Actionable Insights in Data and User Comments

Anticipate and act fast on market shifts, seize competitive advantages, and swiftly optimize programs and campaigns with LiveWorld’s comprehensive approach to identifying trends, insights and actionable data from social content and activity 

Strategic Insight powers and directs compliance and engagement strategies and tactics by detecting emerging issues and revealing shifting market conditions and audience attitudes so you can take appropriate action.

Insight & Analysis

We uncover business intelligence using technology tools and experienced data analysts who go beyond volume metrics and scores to understand “the why” behind your audiences’ attitudes and behavior. With conversational analysis and detailed journey and influencer mapping, we identify inflection points and opportunities for persuasion and behavior change.


We provide you with high quality research using first- and third-party techniques across key social channels, including medical and HCP research in gated medical communities. Our portfolio of tactics includes research panels, ad boards, focus groups, polls and interviews.

Data Collection & Modeling

We help you understand the attitudes and behaviors of your key target audiences with active social listening and surveys. Our ROI modeling helps ensure we focus on the right targets to efficiently deliver valuable data.

Deliver Timely Business Intelligence
with Data-Driven Immersive Digital & Social Engagement

Understand critical customer attitudes and needs

Gain near real-time customer data and knowledge as we analyze HCP, patient, and caregiver conversations, tone, feedback, and sentiment in a continuous loop.

Direct competitive positioning and messaging

We draw on insights and analysis from organically generated first- and third-party content so you can finetune and differentiate tactics.

Inform decision-making and enhance customer engagement

Our analysts fully comprehend audience needs and desires so we can make well-informed recommendations about how to deepen connections and develop long-term relationships.

Ensure relevant and resonant creative solutions

Use our insights to align creative tactics so they resonate with the attitudes of your target population to generate awareness, deliver more effective education and improve adherence.

Focus on selecting effective media channels and timing

Social channels are not all made alike. Data and insights help us identify the best channels for your objectives.

Effectively target relevant prospects, segments, and constituencies

Our analysis of social and digital channels helps us identify key audiences and support tailored messages that will inform and influence them.

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