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Proactive Compliance

From Roadblock to Freeway

Our comprehensive compliance and governance services enable you to integrate powerful, fully compliant social campaigns into marketing strategies to engage customers, grow share and protect your brand. 

Enable and accelerate digital & social media programs

Governance & Process Management

Our comprehensive program defines and documents your internal and external social media strategy and processes to ensure your social initiatives are executed throughout the world with consistent standards and guidelines and in compliance with all regulations, including regional requirements.

Compliant Content

We create attention-getting content aligned to the needs and aspirations of your target audience that remains firmly within the boundaries of pharma and social platform regulatory requirements. Our content increases brand awareness and customer engagement, maximizing reach and results while minimizing risk.

Moderation & Response

Content moderation is the first and most critical aspect of brand protection. We combine hight tech tools and highly trained human agents to monitor, moderate and respond 24/7 to social media user activity. We help ensure comments and interactions remain appropriate, alleviate any negativity and quickly identify potential issues such as rising adverse events and guide you in taking effective compliant actions.

Scaling Compliance at the Speed of Social

Consistent Social and Digital Programs

Ensure your social initiatives execute as intended to track closely with patient experiences for better business results.

Brand Protection

Our hybrid tech and human approach quickly identifies inappropriate or negative comments so we can act fast to mitigate issues and reduce risk.

Improving Internal MLR Process

We work with you to create, standardize and document compliance, approvals, and adverse event processes to streamline program management.

Ensuring Compliance Across Platform Changes

Our Digital-Social Acceleration program identifies and documents platform-specific compliance guidelines so that "safety travels with the content" wherever it is deployed.

Reduced Compliance Risk

Comprehensive compliance processes, guidelines, and documentation plus expert monitoring and moderation help ensure optimal business results from social initiatives while minimizing their risks.

Cross Industry Benchmarks and Compliance Practices

We tailor generally accepted compliance standards to each targeted social channel and document these decisions so all your stakeholders, including marketers, MRL teams and agencies, can easily follow them.

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