10 Social Media Tips that Create Big Wins for Clients

December 13, 2013
Posted by: Peter Friedman, Founder, Chairman & CEO
People often ask me how my company, LiveWorld, helps the world’s biggest brands maximize the results of social. Their daunting task can involve managing hundreds of social pages with hundreds of thousands of comments in dozens of languages. But the truth is, what we do at that gigantic scale is governed by the same principles of social media that I recommend for individuals and for smaller companies.
Here’s a cheat sheet of some of our favorite social media tips to help our clients manage thriving social programs.
1.  Develop what we call a “socialized” view of the brand that defines how customers will experience your brand through dialogue and relationships in social media. To get there, imagine your brand as being in a relationship with your target audience—are you a confidante? A funny friend? A favorite teacher? How do you relate to your customer and what value do you bring to the relationship?
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