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Unlock The Power of Creators and Influencer Marketing

It’s authentic, builds trust, and has higher engagement rates than traditional marketing. Influencer programs work because audiences trust and engage with creators who educate, support, and empower them. Tap into the world of amplified reach and credibility to make lasting impacts on the healthcare journeys of patients, caregivers, and HCPs. 

Successful & Safe Pharma Influencer Marketing Campaigns

From creator discovery to reporting and analytics, LiveWorld influencer marketing services make for a successful influencer campaign. And we include monitoring and moderation in every influencer program to ensure safe and compliant content.  

Identify healthcare influencers who align with your brand's values and resonate with patients, caregivers, and HCPs.

Thoroughly evaluate potential influencers and their content to ensure brand safety.

Provide comprehensive support and guidance to foster effective and compliant partnerships.

Coordinate and oversee influencer campaigns from planning through execution.

Develop and implement media targeting strategies to amplify influencer content and reach.

Craft compelling content that resonates with patient, caregiver, or HCP audiences.

Manage influencer agreements to outline expectations, roles, and compensation between brand and influencer.

Monitor content to gain valuable insights and ensure prompt reporting of any adverse events.

Track and analyze campaign performance to measure success and optimize future strategies.

CHPA: Stop Medicine Abuse

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association ran a TikTok education and prevention campaign to alert parents about the problem of teen misuse of OTC cough medicines. Highly credible influencers talked to both teens and parents on the importance of having “the other drug talk. 

The campaign also fostered a sense of community and provided shareable resources for parents who need additional information and support, driving them to the designated campaign site, StopMedicineAbuse.  

Using video dark posts, as healthcare-related content on TikTok can only target an 18+ audience, the campaign ran for three months delivering 3,746,486 total impressions and 4,465 total website clicks. 

Rite Aid: Adding the Voice of the Customer

The goals were straightforward: Reduce reliance on staged photography, tap into brand love shared by loyal customers, and develop authentic content and boost engagement.  

LiveWorld broadened the lens of their content moderation services to actively identify user-generated content brand mentions and brand influencers. 

Rite Aid has been able to develop a pipeline of relevant content with minimal resources while boosting the brand’s social engagement. 

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