3 Essentials of Social Media Content Moderation

August 23, 2022
Posted by: Jason Liebowitz, VP- Sales

Every brand requires content moderation services to protect its reputation and fulfill its responsibility of making its social media channels safe. Yet many brands fail to fully recognize how moderation can operate as a tool to build authentic engagement and powerful emotional connections.

LiveWorld believes that three principles move content moderation from a reactive to a proactive skill that will create an enriched customer experience while achieving marketing goals. The LiveWorld team has used these principles for companies of all sizes and a wide range of industries, from retail, travel, and health products to financial and pharmaceutical clients.

Effective Moderation Creates Positive Customer Experiences and brand loyalty.

Moderation can do more than remove comments with inappropriate language or respond to complaints. It should go beyond passive monitoring.

Conduct proactive engagement and sync moderation with your marketing plans. Equip your agents by seeding online conversations with topics and messages that support your products and marketing priorities. Bolstering your moderation will serve as a vital tool in your campaigns.

Brands should encourage expression and create connections.

Presenting your brand as a friend requires striking the right tone in posts and responses, responding to more than just direct questions and complaints, and looking for user-generated content that can become a valuable, authentic voice in your marketing.

Tone Matters – Responding with the voice of a friend creates positive feelings. The brand voice and tone you use in your marketing campaigns should carry your moderation. Your library of responses needs to reflect the tone of your unique brand.

Keep the Conversation Going – Build on comments and other actions. Listen and react. Ask questions to extend the conversation and gather insights for community management.

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the most authentic and effective marketing channel – Positive user-generated content can be used across social channels, on your website, and in other marketing materials. Audiences will place a high value on the comments and stories of other consumers because they are viewed as more authentic than corporate messaging.

UGC Case Overview

Rite Aid, was able to leverage organic, user-generated content to promote its brand and increase customer engagement, achieving a substantial return on investment and exceeding their expectations on engagement. By incorporating the voice of their customers whose insights were curated during the moderation process, Rite Aid made its posts and messaging more impactful across its social platforms. Read the complete Rite Aid case study.

Conversations are Personal: Humans + Technology = Optimal Experience

Technology can help scale the many complex tasks involved in moderation, yet it cannot replace the human ability to look at context and nuance within social conversations. The interpretation of content often requires societal and cultural context. Humans can detect slang, sarcasm, or replies to running threads, as well as offer empathy and insights that AI cannot produce.

Human agents who can identify nuance and context in low volume, even just one comment, can provide an earlier crisis alert and determine which comments may or may not require a higher level of response. Humans can decipher if a situation is an isolated, unhappy customer; if a comment is picked up by another social media follower; or if the intensity of the comment in context matters. Social media crisis management allows you to see an issue before there is enough volume for software to identify it.

In addition, when your moderation process includes a human team combined with technology, you can quickly respond to positive customer experiences in a way that builds deeper relationships.

LiveWorld developed its Conversation Engagement Platform that enables agents to perform high-quality, rapid moderation, including:

  • delivering personalized responses
  • engaging on a custom basis
  • escalating support questions/issues into a dedicated process flow
  • creating and managing cases with a detailed trail of actions
  • manually or automatically tagging comments
  • The platform is designed for quality, compliance, speed, and scale. The next-generation software applies a traditional customer service framework to social media and applies to moderation, marketing engagement, and service resolution needs.

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