Adverse Events

5 Mandates to Managing Adverse Events in Social Media

August 1, 2017
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Commitment to using Social Media for Pharma

Pharmaceutical marketers are increasingly relying on social media to have a direct dialog with consumers. They know that this dialog can help consumers better understand the patient journey. It can also ease a patient’s pain, offer sympathy, foster loyalty, and provide insights to improve marketing. Once a brand opens a dialog with consumers its vital to have a process for managing adverse events in social media.

Approved process for managing adverse events in Social media

For FDA compliance it’s crucial that the right functions are in place for adverse events in social media. Is your brand prepared to manage adverse events? And how do you make sure your brand remains FDA compliant? Our 5 mandates to managing adverse events show you how.
Managing Adverse Events in Social Media
Take the first steps to managing adverse events in your brand’s social media channels. Contact us to learn more.
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