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Add Live Chat to Your Mobile App with LiveWorld’s In-App Messaging Chat SDK

October 3, 2017
Posted by: Matthew Hammer, VP- Marketing

Implement Live Chat with the new LiveWorld Chat SDK

We’re all familiar with the term, “There’s an app for that.” App development is at an all-time high and most brands now have apps for their product offerings – for good reason. A whopping 90 percent of consumers’ mobile time is now spent in apps instead of browsers, and the love affair is only growing.
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Mobile apps are a convenient way for consumers to engage with brands, yet there is much more companies can do to interact with their customers. Imagine the impact your apps could provide if they included a live, secure, chat platform, instantly connecting to your customer service team. How much more satisfied would they be if support was on-demand from the convenience of a mobile app?
LiveWorld’s chat Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it remarkably simple to implement in-app messaging inside of your Android and iOS apps. Within hours and without massive development efforts, you can integrate live chat from each app into the LiveWorld platform to have real-time interaction with every user of your app. Whether for direct marketing, sales or customer support, the chat SDK connects you with a captive audience who’s asking for engagement.

Fully-Automated Chat Experience with Integrated Chatbot Support

Does the thought of scaling customer support make you anxious? Your in-app chat platform can be enhanced with the use of chatbots for a fully-automated, highly-responsive experience.
Chatbots can handle about 80 percent of your customers’ issues, regardless of when or where they need assistance. The LiveWorld platform integrates chatbots into your team and offers  several powerful features to automate customized responses and transfer conversations to your team if and when needed. The LiveWorld platform’s case management feature gives your customer support teams all of the tools they need to manage huge volumes of user requests quickly and efficiently.
All of the benefits and features of the LiveWorld platform can be applied to your in-app chat, from real-time engagement of users to prepared response libraries and our full-service case management system.

Adverse Event Monitoring for Pharma Apps

For pharmaceutical companies, there is currently little direct interaction with patients. Marketers have an incredible opportunity to use our chat SDK to seize this prime real estate and build relationships with consumers through personalized engagement.
By using in-app chat, pharma marketers can have 1-on-1 conversations with patients and consumers about products and their brand. LiveWorld’s capabilities go further by helping medicine brands detect, report and archive adverse events in social media, messaging apps and secure chat SDK. Drug manufacturers have the assurance their apps are compliant with FDA adverse events regulations.
The LiveWorld platform has privacy and compliance covered through secure, private and documented conversations. Drug makers and other healthcare clients, hospitals, health insurance and medical devices can activate in-app messaging with full confidence that the same robust feature set that enables FDA reporting compliance for social media user content are in place for chat content as well. In-app messaging has never been easier or more secure.
Check out LiveWorld’s customer service platform where you can manage all social, messaging and chat channels in one place.