Adverse Events Management

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Our adverse events management solution gives pharmaceutical companies a solution to identify, alert, and report incidents for guaranteed FDA compliance. With 24/7 detection, and across 70 different country/language combinations, pharmaceutical companies can confidently use digital platforms and engage consumers with assurance that exposure is contained.

Real-time AE detection & review

Real-time Adverse Event Detection & Comprehensive Review

Quickly detect adverse events in online discussions. Our adverse events management solution is a complete toolset for assessment, routing, and documentation.

LiveWorld’s solution combines the best of technology and human agents. Software automatically reviews, categorizes and identifies adverse events to bring them forward, while human agents spot adverse events typically missed by automated software.

  • Dual-monitoring process – human agents & automated software
  • Adverse Events are detected, organized and prioritized for review
  • Always-on user-generated content screening
  • Archiving of adverse events review and response process

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Escalation & Routing

Customizable notifications alert cross-functional teams


Easily alert internal teams, MedReg, legal, or pharmacovigilance with automatic escalation and case management predefined to your company’s workflows and rules.

  • Alerts include full evidence, showing arrival time, reporting time, and actions
  • Complete archiving of defined processes and methods
  • Quick replies with pre-approved brand responses

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Reporting & Archiving

Record, Report, & Archive all Adverse Events


LiveWorld collects, categorizes and archives adverse events and brand response enabling compliance records with a full audit trail and timeline, ensuring adherence to FDA guidelines.

  • Single source of chronological adverse events information
  • Full historical storage for FDA reporting
  • Auto-tagging for clear classification of adverse events
  • Comprehensive information: source location, agent response time, time to resolution and published times

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